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Lady GaGa’s Wedding Dress Will Be Versace

lady gaga

When the poor man’s Madonna rises from her golden wheelchair just in time to walk down the aisle with alleged fiancé Taylor Kinney, she’ll apparently be wearing Versace. Lady GaGa will eschew tradition (because of course she will) for her wedding and instead asked Donatella Versace to make her a black and gold gown with diamonds in it (because of course she did).

From The Sun:

The singer asked the fashion queen to create a gown made with black and gold silk with diamonds sewn into the bodice.

She also wants a removable skirt and train which can be converted into another gown for the ceremony – tipped to be held this summer.

A source said: “Gaga’s spending millions on her wedding to TAYLOR KINNEY and Donatella Versace’s designing a typically over-the-top dress which on its own will cost thousands.

“She thinks white is cheesy and wants black and gold silk with all these crazy removable bits.”

Black and gold is a great colour combination, but for a wedding? I mean, I know GaGa could manage tacky and gaudy even if she chose to wear white, but this is just taking it to another level. Also, removable pieces? This isn’t The Monster Ball tour, girl. I wonder if the priest performing the ceremony will speak from a flaming pulpit.

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  • I’d be careful with that statement, “poor man’s Madonna…”. Lady Gaga may be code orange crazy, but she’s without a doubt more talented than Madonna (let’s not even try to pretend it’s not true, Gaga can sing LIVE!) and in all fairness, Madonna wouldn’t have had a career had it not been for the songs she ripped off of other people. Just YouTube ‘Respect Yourself’ by the Staple Singers, you’ll see what I mean.

    Let’s be honest, Madonna is a decrepit old has-been who now stirs up controversy just for the sake of being controversial and therefore ‘relevant’, so please, let’s not even pretend that Madonna still merits our attention just because we’re feeling nostalgic, kay?