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Kylie Jenner Is Apparently Dating Jaden Smith, Guys

Kylie Jenner is only 14 – an age at which I was still playing with dolls (I liked doing their hair and I was a late bloomer, OKAY?) – but she’s apparently in a relationship with Will Smith‘s son, Jaden Smith. The pair were spotted going to lunch in London over the weekend, making me wonder if they were two of the underage kids turned away from Justin Bieber‘s circus party.

From US Weekly:

Jaden Smith has been keeping up with Kylie Jenner! The 14-year-old Karate Kid actor recently began romancing the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, Us Weekly can exclusively reveal. “They’re dating,” says a source. “It’s new, but they’ve been friends forever.”

The young stars were most recently spotted together on a lunch date at Caffe Nero in London’s famous Piccadilly Square on Sunday, March 3. Jaden — who next appears in the movie After Earth, opposite his famous dad Will Smith — was in town to celebrate his pal Justin Bieber’s 19th birthday.

I don’t have any commentary on this. It’s just… whatever.

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  • so many questions. so many feels.

    1) why aren’t these kids in school
    2) why is a 19 yr old hanging with a 14 yr old (in reference to justin)
    3) what is the kardashian obsession with black men (yeah, i went there)
    4) why aren’t these kids in school

  • “Going to lunch?” Wtf? Who does that at 14? At 14, the closest I ever got to a date was grooving to K-Ci & JoJo with my crush at our lame ass school dances.

    • Who needs parents when you have “handlers?” Kris is probably already pressuring her into a sex tape with him.

      That said, I would not mind if Will and Jada lured the Kardashians into Scientology (yes, I think that they are Co$ – an organization that I consider to be the biggest beard in Hollywood next to Taylor Swift) & sold them a billion-year cruise on a SeaOrg ship.

      • Actually Will Smith is theren just not in this pic. If you go to other sources you can see him.

  • When you are dating Kardashins/Jenners, please dress appropriate. I know that is Jaden’s style, but he looks the same all the time and frankly he looks rather tacky again Kylie’s style. I would like to see Jaden in more stylist clothing. I know he can, look who are his parents. In regard to them dating, don’t mean a think. Hey the are 14 & 15 years olds. They have so many dating experience to look forward to in their future.