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Justin Bieber Had The Worst Birthday Ever, Boo Hoo Hoo

Poor Justin Bieber! Scrawny White Usher wanted to celebrate his 19th birthday in style at London’s Cirque du Soir nightclub on Friday and was optimistic about the evening ahead of him. A circus themed party for someone over the age of 7? What’s not to love?

Yeah!! Party time!! Let’s go pop Cristal and have our friend Mike’s brother’s best friend’s cousin who was just released from prison give us homemade tattoos while clowns juggle bowling pins for hours!!!

However, all was not well – Justin left the club pretty quickly after he arrived when his guests clashed with security guards at the venue. I can only imagine what it was about. Bringing in their own Slurpees? Trying to pay for drinks with coins from their piggy banks?

:'( HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN? Justin is said to have gone straight back to his hotel after the incident. I must not know what a good birthday is, because that sounds like one to me. A comfy hotel room? Loads of money to order room service with? What more do you need?

Don’t worry, Justin. Drake feels your pain.

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  • They were thrown out for bringing underage guests in with them, a 17 yr old and a 14 yr old, wtf, should have been home with a babysitter

    • I agree ! I don’t know why these rich celebrities think they are above the law ! I’m glad someone finally stood up to that pot smoking twit :) these is the second time this week he was denied entrance to a club ! The first time was because it was a real swanky place and they didn’t want someone with such a bad reputation seen in his club and the owner even made a statement saying that it was true and it’s his club and he can deny anyone he wants ! Hopefully this knocked him down a peg and let him know he’s not all that and maybe he needs to start repairing his reputation !

  • I know in England Bieber would be old enough to drink. Not sure about the 17 and 14 year old. England must not bend the rules like California and NYC do for celebrities.