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Chris Hemsworth Is A Pretty Handsome Guy

I don’t care about Chris Hemsworth, brother of Miley Cyrus‘ fiancé/possible husband Liam Hamsworth, much either way, but apparently a lot of the ladies love him and think he’s super sexy. Plus, he’s always playing hunky heroes, like in Thor and Snow White and The Huntsman, so he’s perfect swooning material for those who dig a square jaw and squinty (“mysterious”) eyes. If you’re one of those ladies – or gents! – this post is for you!

Chris did a shoot with Esquire earlier this year, but lord knows it takes photographers approximately 200 shots to find a dozen or so that are even worth using. That means there are lots of outtakes, and now some of them have been revealed. Keep both hands on the keyboard, folks, and scroll through the gallery below.

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  • Gimmee the Thor 2!! I’m totally jazzed that Zac Levi is playing his BFF, just sayin’.