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Elton John and David Furnish Are Having a Big Gay Wedding

Elton John and David Furnish have been together for ages, have an adorable baby together (and another on the way) and have been in a civil union in the eyes of the United Kingdom since 2005. However, the fairytale wouldn’t be complete without a big gay wedding, so the couple are going to throw one in Los Angeles to celebrate the legalisation of same sex marriage in California.

From (via WENN):

The couple entered into a civil partnership in 2005 in the UK, where they hope to legally renew their vows later this year, but the new fathers’ goal is to celebrate the much-anticipated lifting of a ban outlawing same sex marriage in California by staging a big party.

Furnish tells, “Los Angeles is like a second home to us. We have a civil partnership… and when we go back to Britain, we will definitely renew our vows under the gay marriage act, but, to do it here in Los Angeles, which is a second home to us, we’d love to do it here too! Let’s renew those vows everywhere they become legal!

“It is one of the pivotal defining issues of our time and this moment has arrived and even though we have our relationship legally recognized, people are fighting hard for this issue everyday and deservedly so. If we can give it profile and support, we’ll continue to do that.”

I can dig that. I’m not big into marriage despite having very happily found my life partner, but I can see why people would want to do it – even if only for the tax benefits (zing!). Plus, imagine how good that party will be! I mean, I still jam to an old DJ AM mix from one of Elton’s parties years ago in my iTunes, so shit is gonna get crazy, you can bet. Good on Elton and David – I’ll keep an eye out for my Evite.

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    • I assume you mean homophobe, and I’m not sure how that applies here since I said they’ll throw a great party. I assume you think I was being sarcastic. In any case, you couldn’t be further off the mark considering my own orientation…

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  • Jennifer , sorry if I miss read your article and misspelled homophobe .. I was trying to shorten it… Anytime someone refers to something as “big old Gay” I worry.
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