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Diane Lane And Josh Brolin Divorcing

josh brolin diane lane divorce

Diane Lane and Josh Brolin are breaking up their 8 year marriage. You may remember Diane Lane from Unfaithful where she cheats on Richard Gere. And you may remember Josh Brolin as George W. Bush. Yes, he’s done big films like No Country For Old Men and Milk, but I will always see him as George W. Bush and that’s something we’re all going to have to live with.

There has been no reason given yet for the split. They married in 2004 and a few months later, Brolin was arrested for “spousal battery” but Lane dropped the charges and both said it was a “misunderstanding.” Who knows if that’s at all related.

The couple have no children.


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  • Question: Since they have all been living on the Barbra Streisand compound, who will have to find somewhere else to live? Remember that Babs is married to Josh’s father.

      • le dude! lemmee guess – you’re josh brolin? no wait! you’ve never seen the goonies? (blasphemy) no wait! you & guest are running away together?? i won’t judge…

      • Today I finally,really realized I’m actually old…. Woke up, hopped in the shower. Dried/combed/fluffed the pubes…. I FOUND THREE GRAY PUBES! I’m crushed! Tell me it doesn’t matter…. That I’m still fun loving Chaz!

      • HA!! cherish them. embrace them. pray for more. i lose my shit (in a good way) everytime i see the husband sprouting more. SILVER FOXES FOR PRESIDENT 2016! in other words, yes, you are still our fun lervin’ DJ chazzy chaz.

      • You’re still young in the mind, sir! THAT is what matters. And yussss, there’s a whole gang of chicks out there who prefer the salt & pepp – true story. Your wife may be one of them. Don’t dye anything.

  • Love her – she is one of the most beautiful (and naturally so) women around. Think he’s a great actor – even though he clearly has the big head/short arm thing going on.

    • Indeed! Natural; so rare in this nip/tuck/fucked up industry. Anyone see her in Ladies & Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains? I think that was the movie title… Anyway, yeah, wow, natural beauty inside & out. Megaloves.