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Steve Martin Has A Baby!

steve martin dad 2013 anna stringfield

Steve Martin, one of the funniest comedians and actors alive until sometime after Bowfinger, became a father at the age of 67. Yay! I do adore Mr. Martin. (“Please, call me Mr. Steve Martin.”) He’s played a dad in so many films, and the ultimate dad in two Father of the Bride movies, that many people don’t realize that this is his first child. His wife, Anne Stringfield, writer and former New Yorker staffer, is 41. They’ve been married since 2007. Apparently, they baby was born in December and they’ve kept it a secret this entire time! His rep won’t even release the name or gender of the baby.

Being such a private person, Mr. Steve Martin never mentioned anything about his wife’s pregnancy or his child’s birth in his Twitter feed. On December 31st however, he tweeted a photo of his brand new shoes, and that’s close enough.

Presumably the baby is doing well and is awesome as f-uck because its dad is Steve Martin.

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