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Sophia & Rosie Went to the Grammys, Are Still the Cutest Things Ever

Are there two kids cuter than Rosie & Sophia Grace? It’s funny to think that without that great ‘Super Bass’ video and Ellen DeGeneres, they may have faded back into the annals of former YouTube virals. Luckily, they’re pretty much here to stay and if there’s something I love more than seeing them do their cute things on their own, it’s seeing them interact with celebrities!

Ellen sent the girls to the Grammy red carpet to interview the stars and set them up with their own little nook, complete with candy and other snacks and a copy of their book (they have a book)! What results is probably the best thing to come out of the Grammys this year. Rosie talks more, now! They meet 2 Chainz and eat marshmallows with Maroon 5! I especially love how Katy Perry literally stops her entire entourage in their tracks to talk to them, and how Sophia Grace serenades Carrie Underwood with nearly a full verse of her song. Ah, kids these days.


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