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Adele’s Taking Meetings, Recording New Songs

After the massive success of 21, no one could blame Adele for taking a break from music for a while, especially since an album that brilliant will be hard to top. Of course, we know she had baby Angelo and has been chillaxin’ out of the spotlight. I’m feeling that. She’s loaded, anyway – it’s not like she really needs to work for a while… or, you know, ever, if she didn’t really want to. Of course, we all want to know when such a big talent is going to get back to singing those songs, and she’s given us hope!

From US Weekly:

Backstage at the Grammys, Adele told US Weekly that she’s started recording – though she’s “not very far” into her third album – and is having meetings with big, powerful people who I guess are in charge of these kind of things:

Adele also revealed that she’s “not very far along” in recording the followup to her 2011 sophomore smash, 21. “I’m having lots of meetings,” the Valentino-clad star said. “I’ve been in LA the whole time since the Globes and I will be until the Oscars. I’ve been having lots of meetings and I’ve been out of the loop really. I’ve sort of . . .  I’ve been singing my baby nursery rhymes, so I don’t know what’s cool and what’s not!”

Even if it takes a while, I find it vaguely comforting to know that she’s at least back in the game… at least a little.

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