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Is Rihanna Pregnant With Chris Brown’s Baby?

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A heads-up from one of our readers via ONTD:

A Twitter post by Chris Brown on 19 January captioned “LOL” along with a picture of him wearing a T-shirt with ‘You Are The Father’ on the front has sent the rumour mill into overdrive about whether Chris and RiRi are expecting a baby. OMG!

Just seconds after the tweet, one of Chris’ followers piped up, “Is this subliminal for telling the world that Rihanna is pregnant?” And the plot thickened when RiRi was papped meeting up with Chris late on 18 January after a night out, during which she wasn’t spotted drinking. Mysterious and extremely out of character! (LOL)

Can you imagine if these two had a child? Hell, can you imagine if these two even adopted an animal together? The poor, poor -child/animal. What an awful, deprived life it would live. The thing would never be fed, would always have to be rocked to sleep hearing sad strains of “Umbrella … ella … ella …” This would be a botched job, that’s for damn sure.

Let’s just hope that this photo—a photo that she posted on Instagram just last night—is a true indicator, and the answer to the question in this post’s title would be ‘no’:

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