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Emma Stone Does Sultry for W

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We love Emma Stone, right? Totally love her? Which is why it’s perfectly acceptable to say that I’m just not feeling her photos from this recent W photo shoot. The interview’s great, natch, but the spread? Ugh. Not very flattering.

Here’s Emma Stone on her role in ‘Gangster Squad’:

[I play] Grace Faraday, who moved to Hollywood in the ’40s to become a star and ended up falling in with Mickey Cohen, a very well-known gangster, and his brood. Grace is also having an affair with Jerry Wooters, portrayed by Ryan Gosling. He’s one of the cops investigating Mickey Cohen. Grace is playing with fire—she’s constantly torn, caught in that classic conundrum between good and evil.

On joking in her professional life and in her personal life:

In real life, sometimes it’s uncomfortable for me not to go for the joke. I’ve been looking at that in myself lately. Often, joking for me is a way of diffusing the awkwardness of a situation, so it’s kind of exhilarating to be a part of projects where there’s nothing funny or lighthearted.

On appearing “drunk” at an awards show last year:

It was for best visual effects, so Ben and I had all these funny ideas. Planet of the Apes was nominated, so we thought we would bring a chimp onstage and I’d say, “Oh—it looks so real.” And Ben would be like, “It’s a real chimp.” And I’d be insisting, “Oh, my God—the work they do now is so staggering.” And he’d repeat, “It’s a real chimp.” But apparently, you can’t make the Oscar presentation about a particular movie or else the audience thinks you’re swaying the vote toward that movie. So instead, we pretended that Ben had been to the Oscars many times and I was this really overly enthusiastic Oscar presenter. I was very excited, and he was not.

And last, on movies that make her cry:

The end of City Lights makes me cry every time I see it—when Charlie Chaplin walks by the shop window and the once blind girl brings him a flower and pins it to his lapel. She’s always thought that he was a millionaire, but he was really a tramp. She feels his hand and says, “You?” And he nods. He says, “You can see now?” And she says, “Yes, I can see now.” They cut back to his face, and he lights up like you’ve never seen. That last line—“Yes, I can see now”—has so many meanings. It’s echoed in every great romantic movie since then and in every great moment of life.

Gotta love her, guys. Just not the photos. Right?

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  • “But apparently, you can’t make the Oscar presentation about a particular movie or else the audience thinks you’re swaying the vote toward that movie.”
    But by definition, the votes are all in well before Oscar night. This is stupid. Why would the academy have a rule that makes no sense?

  • The cover is far from sultry or sexy, and Emma can do both with her eyes closed and her hands tied behind her back. They must have had to work hard to make her look this bad.