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Lindsay ALMOST Went to Jail Today

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay’s lawyer is a saint. Wait, I mean her old lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, the one she fired for no good reason. The new one kind of sucks.

Here’s what happened: Lindsay had a court date this morning. The judge said that either Lindsay herself had to be there, or she could have a lawyer there on her behalf. But Lindsay isn’t even in California, and she just fired her Californian lawyer. Her new lawyer practices in New York, and he’d have to go through this whole procedure to be able to do anything in L.A. You see where the problem is? With no one in court in Lindsay’s corner, the judge issues a warrant for Lindsay’s arrest.

But Lindsay’s ok, because Shawn Chapman Holley is a nice person. Despite having been fired, she showed up to court to enter Lindsay’s plea of “not guilty.” She didn’t even have to do that. She could have just been like “oh, I don’t work for this bitch anymore,” and then dance a little jig out of the courtroom. But she didn’t. And Lindsay is one lucky lady.

Lindsay’s next court date is on the 30th, and this time she actually has to show up. Hopefully she still won’t have anything worked out and she’ll have to represent herself. Wouldn’t that be hilarious? What a wreck.

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  • HolyFuck why she gets out on everthng. look at Amanda Bynes. she’s more Crazy then Lindsay.Amanda Bynes Has Pierced Her Face.