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J Woww is Angry That You Saw Her Bum, Says It Was Photoshopped

Jan 2, 2013 | #myass part 1!!!! My real booty lol make fun of mine not a fake one lol by JENNIWOWW on

Jan 2, 2013 | #my ass part 2!!! by JENNIWOWW on

J Woww says the photo of her ass circulating the internets is “vile” and “disgusting,” and claims that a huge amount of Photoshopping happened in order for her bum to look like … well, like my grandmother’s, if my grandmother wore skanky, too-short sequin dresses and had the bad judgement to bend over while on stage.

After watching the video, do you guys believe that the original photo was, indeed, ‘shopped, or do you think it was definitely her ass, just from a bad angle?

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  • Yeah, I can believe it was photoshopped. That was one strange looking butt shot. I easily outweight most A to D list celebrities by fourty pounds and even my ass looks better in too tight panties.

  • It’s completely photoshopped. The color of her skin underneath her clothing should be darker, not lighter.

  • wouldn’t it be lighter from not being as tan?
    I could see her ass looking weird if the dress was pushing down on her butt cheeks.
    She really doesn’t have a nice ass at all.
    Even in the high heels she was sure to wear in the video, it looks flabby.

  • Yeah, that picture honestly looks photoshopped. I don’t care what her body looks like, at all, but those butt cheeks look weird and smooth and odd-colored. I admit to spending a fair amount of time trying to figure out what was going on in that photo. Fake.

  • The video looks dark… it’s a good way to hide cellulite. I think it was a very unlucky shot (the New Year’s photo). Asses have fat cells in them, friends. And frankly, they aren’t meant to be in dresses that short or in panties that tight. Her vadge must be screaming bloody murder… lol.

  • I’m not as disturbed by the possible cellulite as the underwear choice! Jersey girl on a party night? Where the hell is the animal print rhinestone thong?!?!

  • I think jen has a great body but watching her on mtv new years eve- i thought she looked pregnant! the camera really did add 10 (or 15) lbs. So when i saw this photo I laughed. but normally- she looks great and really fit.

  • It’s the difference between bending over and tightening up everything vs standing upright and showing what your butt and thighs really look like. No photoshopping here, just a really cruel and close up pap shot.

  • That looks completely photoshopped. In the video you can still see her butt and legs aren’t the most toned in the world, but they are nowhere like that picture.
    Also, those videos had me cracking up :’) might need to actually watch Jersey Shore…

  • I definitely think the photo is real, the dimpling looks right, and there’s a 2″ fine gauze hem on the dress which explains why the skin is lighter in colour

  • I’m not really sure if the photo is photoshopped but isn’t it weird how she turned around before the camera could show her standing all the way up from behind. My ass looks damn good when i bend over like that too because everything is all stretch but its when you stand all the way up that shit falls into place.