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This is What Rose McGowan Looks Like Now

photo of rose mcgowan pictures
I’d make some kind of snarky comment about “when bad things happen to good faces,” but I’ve been told before that Rose McGowan had to have some kind of reconstructive surgery after an accident, which is why she looks the way she does today, and that’s what I want to talk about today.

See, Rose McGowan got into this pretty horrific car accident back in 2007, where a car hit hers and ended up ramming her sunglasses into her cheekbone and eye area. Rose said, “I didn’t realize I was hurt until I put my hand to my face and felt the flap of skin. My glasses had sliced me under my eye,” and when I heard that, I was like “Wow. That really sucks, Rose McGowan, and I’m so glad that you ended up being OK.” The plastic surgeons did amazing work, and any scarring was really minimal. Here’s Rose’s face not long after her surgeries:

photo of rose mcgowan pictures plastic surgery photo
Superb, right? You almost can’t even tell that there was a flap of skin hanging underneath her eye at one point. But that particular—necessary—reconstructive surgery doesn’t explain this:

photo of rose mcgowan plastic surgery pic
I mean, if you were cut in the eye area, why would your jaw, lips, and chin look so drastically different? Why would you not just look like this, minus the neat little under-eye scar?:

photo of rose mcgowan pictures
Anyway. Rose McGowan looks good. She looks better than she has in probably years, and we should probably just be thankful for that. Now if she could only get her sweet ass on the big screen in something killer, we’d really be making progress.

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  • It’s sad. She was so beautiful. I know it’s the pressure of ‘hollywood’ but it’s sad to see that these women can’t let themselves age gracefully.

  • She was SO gorgeous back in the day. She’s obviously gone above and beyond just the reconstructive surgery. plus the blonde hair really doesn’t work for her. So sad!!

  • the middle one is that current? it looks different to the first one which is current. anyway, she looks fine in the first. the second just looks puffy, maybe she put on a bit of weight at that time. the top one has no puff so maybe she lost a bit. and she could just be pouting her lips. looks like theres a little smear (lip liner rubbed off) on one of the indents that makes it look uneven to the other so makes the shape look a bit off. unless she gets lip injections and this one was a bit puffier then her usual.

  • I don’t know what the fuck she had done to her mouth, but every time I glance at her picture my brain screams “JOKER!” Also, she has so much Botox in her face that she can barely blink. Serious, watch the last five things she was in and see just how much she CAN’T emote.

  • Yall are idiots there is nothing wrong with the way she looks. I just dont like her blonde but her face is fine.

  • another young actor who lost his/her looks….some actors are their most charismatic in their youth, while some in their old age…not many are charismatic from youth through old age.

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  • Butt azz fugly from too much plastic work……Hey! Rosie!…silicone parts are made for toy’s donchya know!

  • … did ANYONE in these comments read that SHE WAS IN A FLIPPIN CAR ACCIDENT?!

    Of course she is going to look different after reconstructive surgery. And at least the doctor did a dang good job considering. Lay off the poor girl. Damn,

  • It’s a truth that she was in an accident, and suffered injury to her eye. I do think, however, that after her initial surgery she went back to her plastic surgeon for the ‘droopy eye’ to be fixed and then went a bit heavy with other “improvements”. It’s VERY common for people with facial injuries to go in for multiple surgeries to correct injury. My Dad suffered a terrible facial accident when he was a young man just entering college. He had many, many, many surgeries to rebuild his face. So I don’t doubt she had 2 or more surgeries on her eye. What is different to me, is that it’s obvious that she had fillers put in her cheeks, and possibly her lips. Perhaps she thought this would help “fill out” her face and hide her scar. I’ve just seen her on a recent episode of Once Upon A Time, and she’s looking better, and less ‘pinched face’ than she was in recent years past. I still love her to bits no matter what though. She was fantastic on One Upon A Time, and as always, spunky and fun! She’s a doll. Another thing people seem a bit hooked on his posting old pics vs. newer ones. I think people forget she is 39 years old now..she’s not the 20 something girl from Charmed anymore. She is going to look different.

  • The 2nd looks like post facelift swelling. She had a cleft deepened in her chin and lip work. Watching Charmed made me wonder why her talent doesnt show after her 1st season. That chin wreaks of MJ. She said she prefers movies which could explain the bad acting in charmed. A new script weekly may be hard to memorize.

  • I think too, if she has been on pain meds and possibly steroids it could effect her appearance as well. I know my Mom was on steroids for her health and she bloated up like a balloon! It was awful!! I am not saying she hasn’t had some botox or something, but who in Hollywood hasn’t?? She is still a beautiful person!!

  • Just watch Law & Order SVU. Rose McGowan looks terrible. She is unable to move her face which leaves her expressionless which leads to bad acting. Her lips are horrendos. You can barley see her teeth when she smiles. Her cheekbones age her singnificantly, as do the droopy eyelids. Yes, I am aware of her car accident, but that was a minor surgery which did not require a facelift, chin implants, lip & cheekbone injections & well, major cosmetic reconstructive surgey. She used to be pretty, now she looks like a freak.

  • You guys all talk about how she went crazy getting plastic surgery when in fact she had a severe car accident in which her eyeglasses got pushed in her face. Look it up. She needed reconstructive surgery.

    • I haven’t been able to find how her glasses injured her. Was it force from front or side airbags? Hitting the steering wheel or dashboard? Going through the windshield or side window? As an aside, years ago smashed faces from windshield impact was a reconstructive surgeon’s meat and potatoes. Facial nerve damage can cause all the skin tone observations and assymetry many are derisively ascribing to Botox.

      Personally, I think she looks better now. I quit watching Charmed when she joined the cast. Within minutes I realized her features would annoy me. I don’t like cancer skinny, Christina Ricci eyes, Michael Jackson’s nose, or one eye that appears to be looking a bit to the right or left of the other one. I’m shallow and imperfect myself, but I’m not out there for all to see.

  • I didn’t know rose had had a terrible accident but good to see she is ok, loved the charm series and when she came into it after Shannon docherty she was a breath of fresh air, she still looks good but I also think she suites being a red head or brunette

  • Yep she’s older and had lots done to fix herself after surgery and then some more to try and preserve the face that made her money , though not as much as her AWESOME figure. The girl was built right. But come on she never moved her face. Hardly ever had to “emote” anything more than dumbstruck shock,with a slack jawed expression. Or a tantalizing little smirk with a chin nod (Pssssssssst and they both are hinting at some sex stuff) I’m not surprised! Who’s surprised?! Come on! You REALLY shouldn’t be surprised! She’s fabulous let her work it however she wants to work it. Though, in recent photos where she’s super tan, which I was fairly surprised to find out her body could produce, and she’s got honey brown hair she looks like Eva longoria/Teri hatcher/Jennifer Lopez. Yet’s still gorgeous but everybody knows its not “real” gorgeous.

  • I saw her in a Special Victims episode from 2011 she looked like someone stretched her face over an embroidery hoop, and her lips look like a blowfish. She was so beautiful in Charmed, she looks so plastic. Miss the old Rose.

  • I was an avid watcher of Charmed and absolutely loved her on that show. She has beautiful hair, smile, skin and face. I recently saw her on an episode of Once Upon A Time and did not recognize her because I can tell she had some nose work done. It’s too bad really because she looked so good before. Her surgery was so drastic to the point that she now looks like a new person which is sad because she was beautiful the way she was; in her original skin.

  • When you stay with what God gave you then you’re beautiful. It’s sad when famous people change what they have. Rose McGowan was beautiful with her original face. I remember her on Charmed.

  • yeah she definitely had more done than just fixing up a flap of skin she a lot done. She was beautiful before she done all that to herself. Even if she had to have her skin fixed it wouldn’t look like that she wouldn’t look any different than before. Maybe a minimal scar, but she’s transformed herself she don’t even look the same. She was prettier before she done anything; and she shouldn’t have changed it.

  • You people have no lives whatsoever if all you do is rip away people’s self esteem and talking shit about their looks. It’s called AGING, people DO get old, and celebrities are no exception. You people really have no lives at all.. How about you look at yourselves before critiquing celebrities and talking shit about the way they look. I bet the people talking all this shit are no prize catch themselves. She got into a Fucking accident for god sakes..she’s a human being made out of flesh and bone , not a superhuman made out of’s not like she can just regenerate herself and stay young looking forever. The NERVE of you VAIN and SUPERFICIAL people. Like I said lets see pictures of you. I was never even a big fan of Rose McGowan but even I have enough common sense to know she’s only human.