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Love It or Leave It: Pink’s Bum-Baring Bell Ball Blast

photo of pink performing at the jingle bell ball pictures
This is Pink, performing at the Jingle Bell Ball last night at the O2 arena in London, and all I have to say is “damn.” And not “damn” in a “that is one hot ass” way, because while the ass in question is probably perfectly lovely, being squished into a harness and dangled like a side of beef is never an attractive look, and especially when it makes the ass in question look like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ass, circa whatever:

photo of arnold schwarzenegger ass pictures
Nope, not a good look at all. I mean, honestly. In what universe is that ^^ considered hot? Oh, the Mr. Universe competition? Well OK, that’s fine. But unless Pink is hoping to clench—I mean, clinch—a spot as a multinational bodybuilder extraordinaire, then maybe, just maybe, she’ll lay off the harnesses and all of the protein shakes. Girl’s got such a delightful figure as it is—there’s no reason to get all musclehead on us.

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  • I think we should maybe look past this pic and think about the fact that girlfriend is freaking flying through the air while singing… Pink is strong and awesome and she always brings it. I couldn’t care less that her harness is squeezing her butt.

    • I totally agree.
      Also, usually while flying through the air she also flips and spins backwards, which would require her to use her ass muscles. To me that picture just looks like she’s in the middle of a difficult move.