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The Olsen Twins Would Like to Sell You A Backpack

A photo of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Christmas is coming up quick, you guys. In just a few short weeks, it’ll be time to hang out with your loved ones and sing fun songs and eat baked goods and be happy. Doesn’t that just sound lovely? I think so. But even though that is, really and truly, my very favorite thing about Christmas, there’s no denying that presents are going to be given, and presents are going to be received. You can’t control what presents you receive (ugh, so lame!), but you can write a very pointed list to give to your mom or your significant other or your crazy rich aunt or whoever. And I’m about to tell you the very first thing that you’re going to put on this list.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen designed a backpack, friends! I know, Olsen twin fashion is always exciting, especially when you can get it for yourself. So without making you wait any longer, I’m going to show you this work of art, all right? Here we go:

What you are seeing is a backpack “created out of black patent leather from Nile crocodiles.” It’s a collaboration between Mary Kate and Ashley’s label, The Row, and artist Damien Hirst. This one is adorned with prescription pills (probably not real, sorry), but you can get ones that are just plain black, or ones with polka dots. There are only 12 of these lovelies available, and for just $55,000, one of them can be yours!

So start writing those wishlists! First, obviously, would be this $55,000 backpack (the pill one is my fave!). Then second could be an iPad or a house or whatever. Then for the third thing, you could probably just write “a clue.”

It’s going to be a great Christmas!

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    • I would say probably about as many young and insanely privileged democrats or independents.

      You’d have to be dysfunctional to spend $40k on a backpack.

      I could HAND build one exactly the same out of pleather for $40. (Labor not included, of course.)

      I went to their site and looked over available designs. Nothing looked particularly brilliant or intuitive. They looked as if they were made very well, but they would at such an expense.

      • Is pleather a term? I think myself quite informed about fashion and today at work the girls were gushing over the ‘pleather’ dress a colleague bought, but I’ve ever heard that word before – it works, but I thought it was new!

      • Well, pleather, as in Plastic LEATHER, is a colloquial (and portmanteau) term.

        It isn’t exactly official as far as I know. Although, some people use it for ANY artificial leather, and that is incorrect.

        There are actually a bazillion (or at least a dozen) different types of artificial leather product. I just chose one for simplicity and I’ve used pleather before in making stuff. And it was the first one to pop into my head.

        Pleather isn’t an exact type, either, but simply denotes a leather-like plastic.

        I could also make one out of leather, crocodile hide, and even metal scales if I wanted; but they’d cost more.

    • That really is a ignorant statement. After all the Democrats are the one that spend money like they can just make more. *cough Bailouts!
      Dems- *cough Paris Hilton are the type of people that would buy something so stupid.

  • Say what you like, but I love The Row. The things are beautiful, the girls have established themselves as serious designers, and if there actually are those few eccentrics who will spend that money (Arabs, I’m looking at you) on a backpack then so be it! I’d rather they create an overpriced fashion empire than causing a car crash every week, spending more time in court than outside while on coke and meth. Now THAT would break my little heart – Michelle Tanner gone wild.