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Happy Belated Thanksgiving from LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian, Too

photo of leann rimes and eddie cibrian pictures thanksgiving mustache photos
Blah blah blah happy marriage blah blah blah creepy mustache blah blah blah Eddie Cibrian must really love Burt Reynolds:

photo of burt reynolds pictures
The photo was captioned “Happy Thanksgiving from the Cibrian’s”, and naturally, I have to ask: Happy Thanksgiving from what, exactly, of the Cibrian’s? Their turkey? Their dog? Their spurned exes? Because I know that if the Cibrians were wishing us a happy Thanksgiving from them, themselves, they would have specified otherwise.

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  • Knowing Leann she probably has Eddie’s last name trademarked or copyrighted.

    If this was from the “Cibrian’s” how come “EVEIE Blanket Cibrian” wasn’t included in the photo with Leann and Eddie? She took a seperate photo of the dog in her bed talking about how the dog was taking over. She probably excluded the dog from the photo because Eddie was showing the dog more attention than her. How can anyone(aka The Dailyamil) look at this photo and tell people that it’s a photo of a happy couple not having problems in their marriage? Wasn’t Leann doing the head thing with Dean and the entire time she was cheating? Leann needs to stop surrounding herself with “yes” people. Why does Eddie look so OLD? How is it possible for him to age so quickly? It also looks like Eddie is saying “Help Me” or “I’m doing this because I have to, and not because I want to”.

    Leann made a special point to alert the paps of where and when to find her today. Maybe she will do the right thing and not hire her pap friends to get photos of her and Eddie holding hands while in a parking lot today. If Leann learned anything from rehab like she claims in her recent interview to the Portland Tribune, why is she still doing the very same destructive patterns that we witnessed last year?

  • “Blah blah blah happy marriage blah blah blah creepy mustache blah blah blah Eddie Cibrian must really love Burt Reynolds:”

    It’s Movember, asshole!

  • Her: “Boom I got yo boyfriend! I got yo man!”
    Him: “Help me!!!”
    Being smothered is the WORST. I was involved with a smotherer, it was a nightmare. The jealousy, clingyness, questioning, constant texts & calls… Aaaaahhhh!!! Get a LIFE! (Other than MINE!) And this man prefers a long leash or none at all. He must be dying! Cut bait Eddie! It’s not worth it!
    Eddie needs to get himself and his children away from this disturbed, unstable woman. He’d be better off with very little money and a very humble home than trying to survive the LeAnn circus with two innocent kids in tow. “But she LOVES them!” Really? Say that after she & Eddie have one, and she doesn’t need them to bind her to Eddie anymore. Then they’ll just be Eddie’s remaining tie to Brandi and competition with her own child. Not gonna be pretty!

  • This is Leann’s latest “Eddie isn’t cheating because I am chained to his hip” tweet: “Just finished doing something EXTREMELY exciting with my husband. #funsecrets ”

    I’m guessing she forced People magazine to do an exclusive interview with her and Eddie to make up for putting Miranda and Blake on their cover, instead of Eddie and Leann.

    For someone who is always whining about how mean people are on twitter and facebook, why did Leann make a post on a public forum saying something she had no business writing in the first place? She is telling her fans that she can’t tell them the secret about what she and Eddie did just yet, so why mention it if she had no intention of telling them anyway? That’s right. Leann’s marriage to Eddie is over and Leann is doing some major damage control and spin. Poor Leann, she is still desperately trying to debunk Radaronline’s story, which now consist of tweets giving Eddie an alibi and gushing over how Eddie is such a good husband because he washes dishes all the time. Right, the same Eddie who allows her to tweet and blog about his kids after trying to sue his ex-wife if the boys made cameos on her show washes dishes all the time? In order to wash dishes all the time, wouldn’t Eddie remove his wedding ring and according to Leann, Eddie never takes off his wedding ring.

  • Leann is still trying to debunk Radaronline’s story. This is her lastest “Eddie isn’t cheating because I am chained to his hip” tweet: “We have decorated our two trees, cooked lunch together…. we’re having the best quiet day at home. ”

    She already tweeted two days ago that she and her hubby had decorated their tree. Poor Leann, she has to give her hubby an alibi to cover up for his cheating. If they were having the best quiet day, why is she tweeting? So how many “happy family” photos will she post of her and Eddie standhing in front of the tree with Brandi’s kids?

  • Why is Leann SO predictable? Just as predicted, she posted photos of the two trees that she, Eddie, and “their kids” decorated. Fluffpiece fromThe Dailymail in …3, 2, 1. Leann is also trying to create headlines for herself by once again using a dog. How desperate for attention is Leann when she has to use a dog and Brandi’s kids to get headlines?

    Now she is trying to convince everyone that Eddie is a good dad because he took his kids to the movies. Eddie took his kids to the movies WITHOUT Leann(she tweeted that Eddie took the kids, not that she and Eddie took the kids)? And he took his kids to the movies WITHOUT being papped? So Eddie knows exactly how to get around LA without being photographed by the paps, which explains why he hasn’t been photographed with his other mistresses.

  • Leann just needs to admit that her marriage to Eddie is nothing more than a business deal. So now that Leann has pulled some strings and gotten Eddie a part in another movie that Tyler Perry is producing, Leann can now release all those staged photo-ops of her, Eddie, and “their kids” out and about LA. Eddie sells out his kids for roles in movies. It’s funny that it takes an article from ROL to make Eddie get a job, even though it was a favor from one of Leann’s BFFs!

  • Leann has finally succeeded in getting that staged “happy family” photo-op with Brandi’s kids and Eddie. She called x17 today so that they could get photos of her and Eddie at the airport with his kids. What a great stepmother, right? She See, there is absolutely no way that Eddie is cheating on Leann because they are smiling at LAX as they prepare to go on a “family tour” vacation! The worse part of this is the fact that Leann had to make 3 tweets about how she and Eddie were at the airport with the kids. You know that Leann’s marriage to Eddie is over when she thinks that a staged photo-op at an airport(while she is dressed up like a hooker)with Eddie and his kids will once and for all convince people that all is well in her marriage. And then Leann just can’t figure out why she gets so much backlash.