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Political Celebrities: Chris Rock Has Something to Say

So generally, I think Chris Rock is kind of an asshole. I generally don’t think he’s all that funny, and I generally don’t think that he makes a whole lot of sense when he opens his mouth, because most of his schtick is jokes about race and ethnicity, and come on. I think that there’s much, much funnier stuff—especially when it comes to the state of politics in 2012—to focus on than … well, than all that.

That being said, I think this video is kind of smirk-inducing. Yeah, I know I said that Chris Rock generally isn’t funny, and I think it’s more the delivery of the lines than anything else in this particular skit that made me chuckle, because if we can’t laugh at politics (and at the sad state of what people consider “comedy”), then what can we laugh at, I ask you?

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  • I smirked and then it went away because if a white comic played the opposite angle everyone would get their faces all crooked and twisted over the “race” card……one thing the last 4 years has taught me is to stay away from the Obama race schtick….because I’m white and not allowed to play.

  • I think it’s pretty hard for a non-white comedian to not joke about their vital experiences when they are so intertwined with racism, most of the time. We as white people just don’t understand how determining race can be for a person of colour. I personally enjoy his shows because he always offers a perspective I would have never even considered otherwise.

  • Why do you think Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man is considered by many critics to be the greatest American novel? A fundamental part of being American is understanding how one’s ethnicity influences one’s perceived or actual identity, as well as things like social and economic divisions. It takes guts and skill to intertwine humor and frank discussion of ethnic identity the way that Chris Rock does. Many comedians attempt this approach, but few have done it as well as him. That is why he is one of the most respected stand-up comedians in the world, and that is why Jerry Seinfeld and Louis CK are among his friends/fans. Who do you like? Carrot Top?