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Today in People Suck: Twitter Users Make Fun of Adele’s Baby

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No, seriously, people do. I told you guys this past weekend that Adele had her baby (weeks ago, actually), and people (Lady Gaga fans?) are already giving her and her brand-new baby shit about being alive. Here’s what a particularly nasty Twitter user had to say:

Aw Adele gave birth to a baby. :’) is it fat and handicapped lol just murder it already lol

Yes, because adding those extra lols and lack of punctuation totally make me think that you’re joking, because it’s totally plausible to think that something like this would be OK to kid around about. What the f-ck, dude.

The Twitter user’s handle is (Vanessa Bieber, so you know where this girl’s head is at) [username redacted], which is no longer active as it would appear she’s deleted her account, so please, go ahead and terrorize the crap out of this silly little bitch so she knows that it’s totally not cool to be such a vapid little c-nt.

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  • The girl deleted her account already, but in any case, Sarah, you really should take this down. Not because it’s mean spirited (because fuck that girl), but because you could actively get in trouble for having this post up. More and more people are being held accountable for internet bullying, and the mere fact that you posted this with her username could get you in masses of trouble, especially if (as is likely) she’s under 18. At least take her old Twitter handle off of the post, for your own protection.

  • Trying to mobilize readers from this site to ‘terrorize’ twitter users is bullying, Sarah

    Were you dropped on your head?

    If you’re so passionate go after her yourself until it turns into a legal ordeal, in which case she’d win because she’s a teenager with no moral concept, and you’re an adult who should be able to act appropriately.

    • So I (we, you, whomever) can’t Tweet at the chick and tell the girl that she’s in the wrong for posting such garbage? That’s “bullying,” telling people to shut their foul shit down? Come on. Teenager or not, I think it’s perfectly OK to tell people that they’re—oh noes!—wrong .

      • It’s not that it’s wrong, it’s that it’s vaguely irresponsible. Do as you like, obviously…. tweet her and tell her exactly what you think of her. That, you can control. What you can’t control is the people who’ll read this, then go and tweet her/e-mail her with death threats, like the several she ALREADY HAS, along with the dozens of “you should just kill yourself”‘s that she’s going to get/has already received. Freedom of speech is grand, but you’re the one who can get in buckets of trouble, whether or not she’s underaged. It’s about protecting yourself, and also, to some extent, protecting what is probably a stupid kid who made a stupid comment.

      • Sure, no, I get what you’re saying. Sometimes in my rosy little world I forget that there are myriads of unstable people out there, this Twitter chick included.

  • Between this and the Sage Stallone thing, I’m now convinced you’re a legit asshole, Sarah. Stop bullying little girls and go find a picture of Lindsay’s crack or something, ok?

  • “So I can’t Tweet at the chick and tell the girl that she’s in the wrong for posting such garbage?”

    “vapid little c-nt.”
    “silly little bitch”

    Links her account name and then encourage us to “terrorize” the user.

    You’re doing more than telling her she’s wrong, what you’re trying to do is hound her down. Which evidently constitutes bullying, and considering recent incidence of teen suicide correlated to online harassment, I’m baffled by how you allow yourself so much liberty. Either you have a sensitivity chip missing or you actually believe you’re untouchable.

    Try to save face while you can though Sarah, it’s both pathetic and amusing to watch.

    • Yes, it’s probably just as amusing to you as it is to me to watch you post the same stuff over and over under different handles.

      • It’s one of those conditioning exercises, whereby if the subject does not learn from a reception of overwhelming reprimand, you repeat until the message is fully grasped. Again and again.

        Do note, there are others voicing their concern as well as disgust with you.

      • Looks like it’s just you who keeps on keeping on, IP address [censored for privacy]. Do note, it doesn’t matter how many times you change your username, the IP address remains the same.

  • This post would be the final nail in the coffin for my longstanding relationship with evil beet then. NTIM.

  • I’m all for calling out the bullshit people said but if she’s under 18 I wouldn’t want you to get into trouble. You know I don’t think you’re an arsehole Sarah, I just worry you may get in trouble <3 although perhaps singling out that one person when there are loads of them criticising Adele isn't very commendable.

  • ^ All the purple dps in this post are mine, never claimed I was another, and looooool @ your obsession with my identity on this site.

    Keep bullying little girls on the internet Sarah (if that is your job) just until there are repercussions.

  • Another IP address chiming in here. I have been reading this blog ever since the days when Sasha would post pictures of her dogs, and I’m not saying this one post is going to stop me from reading it. However, this post is really shocking and just plain mean. To have a public following and use that to encourage the “terrorizing” of another person is NOT okay, and in fact, is worse than what the twitter user did in the first place. She did not call upon her followers to actively harm Adele’s baby. While her post was ignorant and hurtful, yours went to another level entirely.

    • Not this one post alone (which is outstandingly evil though – like when did Amanda Todd committ suicide? last week?)… but also all this stuff like pictures of cats & boyfriends/ neverending stories about pregnancy weight & nightmares and so on… and know-all posts full of (often enough all the wrong) morals to a point where it’s just not funny/ entertaining anymore…

      I honestly don’t want to be disrespectful, I really don’t… but there used to be w r i t e r s around here. (Yeah, I know: NTIM)

  • You people are crazy! I don’t give a shit if someone is under 18 or not! This 17? year old girl is a cunt for wishing death upon an infant. She’ll be the girl who will become the woman we all hate at work because she’s a cunt.

    • Or maybe she’ll grow to be the incredibly callous gossip blogger who somehow thinks inciting people to “terrorize” a “vapid little cunt” is not bullying.

  • Oh so it’s alright that some random unhinged, MEAN twitter bitch says that adele’s baby should be murdered because it might be “Fat” and “Handicapped”, but we can’t call a spade a spade and toss it back to the dumb cunt who said the shit to begin with?

    Note to everyone saying dumb shit about this imaginary seventeen year old: this twitter bitch is the kind of asshole is who caused amanda todd’s suicide. making people feel bad about themselves or their children because their fat or handicapped? Please. This girl SHOULD be run off twitter.

    • I really don’t like quoting Gandhi all that much so I’ll roll with Conor Oberst even though it’s out of context. What you’re basically saying is “eye for an eye until no one can see”… and this is BULLSHIT.

    • I’m really sick of hearing about this Amanda Todd shit. Do you know who caused Amanda Todd’s suicide? AMANDA TODD. Hence the term “suicide”. There might have been mitigating factors, but overall, the decision to quit breathing was actually her very own.

      And way to pay attention to the one big-media case of teen suicide… use her name instead of acknowledging the other hundreds of thousands of teenagers that choose to bow out of this life for reasons worse than hers.

  • Read the last paragraph Kaiser @ Celebitchy wrote about Adele & Simon. She just totally makes stuff up.

    “I think Simon is not quite right & I hope Adele doesn’t quit singing & touring now because she has a baby.”

    How cold & mean. Take a joyous occasion & turn it upside down. She just totally tries to stir everyone up by making crap up. Any way to get a reader, huh.

  • This is exactly what Kaiser said:

    “I truly don’t want all of this to end up a complete mess. I’m throwing a side-eye at Simon because I think his situation is somewhat sketchier than Adele has been led to believe (the questions over whether or not he’s actually divorced, plus he seems to come from family money, maybe…?). I’m also a little bit sad about all of this because I worry that Adele will stop recording and touring and stuff now that she’s a mum.”

    We all know how “family money” will ruin your family life. Of course she congratulates them too.

  • Sarah hang n there Chica! You guys need to just stop with the hate! Little Beiber girl is just a horrid human-being for cursing this newborn baby anybody would be! Leave Sarah alone she is not telling people to murder this person, she is reporting gossip and expressing her opinion about it. Good gracious isn’t this why we read the gossip blogs.

  • That Twitter girl wanted to make a stir. And I am on Team Sarah for this one: Yes, “terrorize” may not be the best of words, but come on! She wrote a horrible thing, and should be told so!
    And why should it matter if that Twitter girl is 15, 16, 17 or 18? No normal 15 year old would want such a thing happening to a new mother and her child. Seriously, what’s up with the “it’s just a kid”-sentiment??

  • Not only fans of other artists think she is overrated. Even general listeners like us feel that she is overrated, too.

  • Sarah is a sweetheart. She just feels very strongly against the sort of subhuman garbage that would say abusive things like that about a baby. Team Sarah.

  • Eh, I kind of agree that Sarah’s posts do tend to be very negative and judgemental. To the point of not even being enjoyable to read. I read Dlisted, so I’m no prude. Difference is, Dlisted is actually funny and not trying to push it’s opinions as facts. Asking for people to terrorize someone on twitter just makes me think of 4chan or something. It’s one thing to say, ask a friend to back you up on something. But asking readers of a popular blog to terrorize is something else altogether. This isn’t a ‘movement’. and even if it was, a movement based on hate is no good thing.

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