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Kate Gosselin Got Fired, Her Boss Wrote A Blog About It

A photo of Kate Gosselin

You remember when Kate Gosselin got that job blogging for a coupon site? If not, let me just inform you that about a year ago, Kate Gosselin got a job blogging for a coupon site. I never looked at it, but I’ve been reading a few comments on the site, and apparently all Kate ever did was talk about how awesome she is and also never talk about coupons. That sounds about right, doesn’t it?

So Kate got fired. It sounds like a reasonable decision, but you know what’s funny about it? What’s funny is that she was so bad that the founder of the site had to write a whole letter to the readers about it. It’s a very nice letter, but the gist of it is that all the people who work for Coupon Cabin are wonderful, except that Kate Gosselin is not.

Here, I’ll just show it to you:

To all our Kate blog readers:

Some nine-plus years ago, I started CouponCabin with the thought of creating a single website that had all the best coupons… no gimmicks, no fluff, just a site that was easy to use and that had great deals. Along the way, we’ve helped our users collectively save hundreds of millions of dollars.

A series of recent events have made it clear to me that Kate Gosselin and her contributions do not align with the authenticity which we set out to build almost a decade ago, and that Ms. Gosselin is simply not a good fit with the wonderful team and culture at CouponCabin.

It’s with this that I am writing to inform you of our decision to discontinue Ms. Gosselin’s feature blog on Ms. Gosselin’s contributions garnered both positive attention and criticism, but as always, I respect and appreciate your candid opinions, which often encourage us not to lose sight of our mission — to help YOU save money.

We wish Kate, her family and her support staff all the best.

Scott Kluth
Founder and CEO of

I looked through Kate’s blog for a minute, and yeah, she just talks about herself and “having 8 kids,” “having many children,” “being a mother of a large family,” “I have 8 kids and isn’t that so incredible and please give me another television program,”* and it does get old. I just think it’s so hilarious though that this guy essentially called Kate Gosselin inauthentic, not wonderful, and uncultured. Am I alone in this? I am still laughing.

All is not lost though! Here’s a recent tweet from Kate:

I’m alive!I’ve been super busy working away! I’m having lots of fun and can’t wait to share!No worries..we will chat soon! XO

Oh, honey. We know you don’t have a show. Please stop.

*Not direct quotes.