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Don’t Freak Out, But Someone Saw Rihanna and Chris Brown Making Out

A photo of Rihanna and Chris Brown

You’re freaking out, aren’t you? I specifically told you not to freak out. God, you always do this.

From E! Online:

Is Rihanna giving Chris Brown a second chance—or did she just share a fleeting romantic moment with her ex?

Just one week after the 23-year-old “Run It!” singer appeared to cozy up with Nicole Scherzinger, Brown and his ex got hot and heavy with his former girlfriend while partying with her at NYC hotspot Griffin.

Here’s what went down during the one-time couple’s late night rendezvous.

Brown, joined by pal Bow Wow, arrived at the club first and settled into his own table, E! News confirms. Rihanna arrived later, and sat at a separate table from her ex.

“She knew he was there,” a source tells us.

At one point during the night, Brown climbed over his table to join Rihanna at hers. She then proceeded to take off his shirt before they began dancing and making out, according to an eyewitness at the club.

Following their PDA dance session, Brown left the club just before 4 a.m., with Rihanna hitting the road about five minutes later.

Reps for Brown, 23, and Rihanna, 24, did not immediately comment.

Awful, gross, horrible, etc., etc. If this report is true, then it’s nothing that we haven’t seen coming for a good long while, and if it’s not true, then it’s only a matter of time before a story just like this actually happens. It’s bad, it’s sad, but we all know it’s going to happen. So let’s just get ready, all right?

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