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Drew Barrymore Gave Birth to A Baby Girl!

A photo of Drew Barrymore

You guys! Drew Barrymore had a little baby girl last Wednesday, isn’t that darling? The baby and Drew are both healthy and presumably overjoyed, Drew because she had her baby and the baby for getting to hang out with Drew Barrymore.

Oh, do you want to know the baby’s name? It’s Olive. Her name is Olive. Thoughts? For me, Olive is one of those names that sound pretty adorable, but I would still never give my own child that name. That’s fair, right?

Since I’m having trouble finding words for all of my feelings of admiration and goodwill for Drew Barrymore, I’ll let this YouTube tribute speak for me:

Love you, girl. I think about you, baby, and I dream about you all the time.

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  • Need I say the obvious? That’s a sh*t name and the kid will probably change it when she gets older.

  • I think the name is pretty. Drew was the voice for the dog Olive in the Christmas special Olive the Other Reindeer. Coincidence?

  • I like the new swing back to Memaw names, especially since we’ve had so many years of Jadyn and Dakota and pieces of fruit.
    I just hope it doesn’t get as far back as names like Hortense and Hepsibah. :)

  • It could be worse. I’ve always gone by Liv, but there is always the occasional smartass that calls me Olive, and it has yet to ruin my day, let alone my life.

    I mean, it’s better than Pilot fucking Inspektor or Blanket.