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LOL, Ashton Kutcher Is Such A Douchebag

A photo of Ashton Kutcher

Honest to God, when I was typing that headline, I actually wrote “Asshton” instead of “Ashton.” And I’m still laughing.

Oh, but here’s why he’s a douchebag this time:

Steve Jobs had a reputation for being a genius, but also for being difficult to work with, and it seemsAshton Kutcher, who is playing the late Apple founder in a new movie, is taking his character’s traits a little too much to heart, is exclusively reporting.

A person working on the indie film, Jobs: Get Inspired tells Radar that the actor refuses to “come out of character” after the cameras stop rolling and that even during lunch he “doesn’t crack.”

“He’s not been nice to people on set. He’s been really mean to everyone, even when he’s off camera,” the source says — going on to claim that Ashton is taking the role so seriously that he won’t even let his rumored fling Mila Kunis on set because she’s a distraction and “he’ll break character.”

“I’ve heard that on Two and a Half Men Ashton is really cool and friendly, even to the extras, and a great guy — that he’s friendly with everyone and goofs around, but it’s been the polar opposite on this movie.”

The insider says that at first he didn’t understand why Ashton was being so terrible to people even when the cameras weren’t rolling, but he was quickly filled in.

“I didn’t understand when he started yelling at people. A PA had to explain to me that Ashton was insistent on staying in character at all times on set. I’m pretty sure this a whole new way of acting for him, it’s kind of bizarre. There was preparing for a scene the other day where he had to fire a bunch of people and he got himself really worked up. We were taking a break between filming and sitting around relaxing when Ashton walked past and screamed at us, “If you are just gonna sit in these fu**king cubicles like you’re at home you might as well stay at home.

“Everyone thought he was actually yelling at us to leave, we didn’t realize first of all that he was just ‘being in character.’

“When it came to shooting the actual scene though it played out completely differently. On camera he walks down the hallway and a guy asks ‘are you gonna fire us all?’ And he replies ‘probably’ and walks out. Maybe he decided the screaming option didn’t play so well!

“I think there’s a lot of pressure on Ashton so that’s why he’s being so meticulous about the part, and why he’s being so method. He wants to be taken seriously as an actor and sees this as his big chance.

“Well, he’s certainly got the method acting down to a T- when it comes to that he could give Marlon Brando and Al Pacino a run for their money!

Method acting is just so dumb. If you’re unable to get into character whenever you need to, then you probably shouldn’t be acting: there, I said it. During any given rehearsal or day of shooting, if you’re only able to muster up the strength to get into character once, then you really need to reconsider what you’re doing. You should know your character well enough, mentally and physically, on call. And it’s not only that, but method acting is really unnecessarily draining on the actor. I was doing a show one time, and the male lead had never acted before at all, and he kept trying to be all method, but his character was a man whose four-year-old son had just been hit by a car and died, and it’s like “hey, friend, you don’t have to force yourself into this horribly dark space in your head, and also it’s time for a dinner break and you’re being super weird over pizza.”

But man, that Ashton. What an asshole, huh?

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  • What a knobhead. He’s going to be horrible anyway why does he even try to be a “serious actor”?

  • Who ever is writing the above story…you’re such a great actor that you have to write this blog??? This maybe Ashton’s first serious role and he’s doing what he needs to do to do it well. Very difficult to do since Jobs recently died. I guess if I were you I wouldn’t be so critical until you’ve seen the movie. What a bunch of jerks on ashtons shoot. Hopefully, those big mouths won’t get hired on any films again. Very bad form on your part and the cast.

  • What an untalented bellend. I’ve never liked him because he can’t act for toffee and I hope his career ends due to some kind of freak canoeing accident. Also, how the fu*k did he bag a girl like Mila Kunis? Seriously, this girl is smart, talented and sexy. What’s she doing with this joker?

  • Emily you sound like a douche bag asshole.Kutcher is a horrible actor but if he wants to try and go method for this part more power to him. All your snivelling “sources on movie set” can go fuck themselves the cry baby cowards.

  • Want to kill any movie or sitcom? Just add a douche like him, but I guess the jokes on us, we keep buying/ watching his crap!