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Evil Beet Needs Your Help!

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So, Evil Beet has decided to take another grand step into the new millennium, and in doing so, has decided to give the site a new, fresh look! I know—some of you are groaning and shaking your fists and promising to never come back to the site again if we even slightly change the color formatting of the comments, and guys.


I hear you. I’m generally so resistant to change that I get stomachaches when I realize that—oh my God, horror of all horrors—I have to use the backup laundry detergent* instead of my favorite, regular detergent, which I somehow didn’t even realize that we were out of the last time I finished a load of whites. I’m slipping, there.

But I promise you. I promise—the designs are fun and user-friendly and definitely easy to engage with. And because we love you guys so, so much, we want your input. Below in the gallery are three different concepts that I’d like you to take a gander at, and with our lovely polling tool, vote for your favorite. Note: Just because one particular design scheme happens to be a “favorite” doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be The Design We Implement, but your input will factor heavily in our decision, rest assured.

Finally, any comments and/or suggestions are welcome—and as always, leave it in the comments!

Check out design number one:

photo of evilbeetgossip site redesign number one pictures

And design number two:

photo of evil beet gossip redesign pictures

And last, design number three:

Also, you can click through the gallery images to enlarge and inspect at your leisure, which I recommend you do before you vote, because you’ll probably want to go through the details with a fine-tooth comb before making any kind of important decisions. I just know you like that.



*Also, the only reason a creature of habit like me even has “backup laundry detergent” is because when I had the flu a few months ago, I sent my husband to go grocery shopping alone and it’s what he came home with. Honestly. Have you ever?

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  • I did not vote – all 3 have entirely too much white space as far as I’m concerned. Part of what I like about the site now is the splash of colour.

    Thanks for listening

  • I like number 1 best. The other two have too much going on in them, or so it feels like.

    It also feels like number 1 stays the most true to the whole blog-theme (which I totally dig).

    Good luck with it!

  • Eh. I like #1 with #2 or #3’s header and footer.

    #1’s banner is too large and the footer isn’t simple.

    #2 & #3 are both too busy. I really don’t like the generic grey scale borders.

    I will miss the carmine borders. :/

    • smart i didn’t pick up the footer. yeh. no point hiding all the numbers, when you have the space there anyway.

      one is definitely the best, as you get the full story. prefer to scroll though and see a few full size pics / embedded videos and full (at least more lengthy) stories.

      2+3 have are too restrictive. a small predefined space cramping in one small photo on left, and part of story on right. sites that do this, i exit, to no way would I click to read every story just to see the other half of the story, it’s ending/sometimes whole point (when the earlier part was just a bit of off the topic babble) to find out if i’m interested or not.

      • and looking again…, the header on the first one is humungous so the other headers are better. or scrap the big photo and put it with the other little ones or rescale it into the right side bar. cant work out exactly what the big picture is representing, these examples are too small and blurry to get a real idea of exactly what’s going on in them.

      • I didn’t notice the text across the pictures (and their relative size) as well.

        I agree they should be shoved in a different container (the side bar is usually a div in css/html layout, so a sidebar would be cumbersome to put pictures over there.

        They could create another container and shrink pictures down in it but… either they need to store TWO pictures (a thumbnail and a real one) or they increase load times and bandwidth to show you an annoying small-but-massive picture.

        They could get super-snazzy and (ala amazon) show you a little picture with an auto-popup in java. Those’re pretty cool, but can get annoying if there are a LOT of pictures on the page. Then again, you can put a google text-advert in the bottom of the popup. I think that counts as an imprint.

        I seriously do not like text spammed over the top of the picture. At some point someone’s face is going to be buried.

        Sites that have you click in are (hoping) to increase advertising revenue by having you view the site (ad view), click into a story (ad view) then click back to the main site (ad view) and so on. I haven’t priced web advertising in a while now, so I have no idea how much it pays.

        Anyway, as for the page header, I really prefer the current evilbeet one without the picture marquee above it. (Beside the search bar.)

  • I voted for #1 because it gives a decent preview of various topics, both new and hot.

    The amount of white space does not bother me as I use ad-blocker so all the adverts are replaces by the plain white background already.

    If you were thinking of using borders that were not grey then perhaps a pale green as it is a colour that is not used very often, unlike blues and pinks.

  • As long as I don’t have to click a title to read the story I am happy. I read the gossip off of my phone. I hate sites like Mediatakeout where you have to click each story. Ugh!

    • YES! I won’t read sites where I have to click every single story up individually. I HATE that! Please please please don’t do that! (This is really important, look at all of those exclamation points!)

  • As much as I hate change, I appreciate the attempt to ease me in to it gently.
    #1 got my vote because it’s less scrunched together. I like the idea of keeping the blog-style format of the site, the same as Cat Jensen.

  • Number 3 seems alright, but, truthfully, any one of those choices look very much like Socialite Life and a couple of other blogs. E! online has a pretty good format, though.

  • #1. I hate sites that try to make reader comments front and center on the main content page. If I want to read comments I will seek them out. Also, I agree with the other commenter about not forcing us to click a post title to read the whole thing.

  • I don’t give a fiddlers f##k what she looks like as long as she has a great body. Oh wait what was the question? Never mind I’m sticking with my original answer.

  • I like number 1 best but I dislike that all three have the post title cutting into the pictures. I think that looks kind of cheap.

  • #1 because it has several stories on the frontpage and you can read them straight away as opposed to having to click on them or seeing just one. Also, I can see my avatar on the screenshots ha.

  • #1
    and can you please try to get the aspects right for a change. evilbeetgossip tends to have squishy pictures.

  • Hey dodo isn’t “squishy pictures” the name of Tom Cruise’s gay film studio in the scientology headquaters basement?