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Stars Without Makeup: Sharon Stone Treats Us to a Variety of Faces

photo of sharon stone pictures no makeup pics
So this is what Sharon Stone looks like when she’s way busy not giving a f-ck, and honestly, I think it’s kind of great. Sharon, if you didn’t know, or thought otherwise when comparing her with her peers, whom 90% of have probably gone under some kind of big ugly knife, is fifty-four.

There were some rumors awhile back that Sharon had undergone some kind of facelift, but I can tell you one thing for true—if she did, she sure wasted her money on it, because she looks refreshingly normal (for a “real” person), and not at all plastic in the way that most celebrities end up looking even after one “good” facelift. Nope, the thing is that Sharon Stone fully admits to trying lip plumpers once, and after a botched job, she swore off age-erasing enhancements altogether.

Back in 2010, Sharon had this to say about the injections, and I also left in a few gems to make you adore her some more:

On why she got lip injections:
“Nobody loved me. I’m 103. My life would be better if I had better lips.”

On her reaction to the procedure, which made her swear off plastic surgery:
“What the hell?” and “(I looked) like a trout.”

On her divorce:
“It takes a long, long time to come to the point where you can actually say that you got married because you were in love with the person. And it makes me cry… To admit your own lovingness was, for me, a harder step. Not to be embarrassed or ashamed that I could love somebody who didn’t love me. And that can be OK.”

On her current dry spell:
“Life and love is like the ocean. Sometimes the tide is in and sometimes the tide is out, and sometimes it’s like the frigging Mojave. Fortunately, I like the desert. I’m a desert flower.”

Can we all just love on Sharon Stone a little bit harder today? Can we please?

Oh, and no troll-like comments need apply, especially if they’re slamming Sharon Stone for looking like a real, fearless woman who couldn’t give a shit less about impressing anyone, thanks. I know it’s Hollywood and all, but let’s spend ten minutes trying to be … what’s the word? Oh. Right. Realistic.

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  • She looks great! She looks way better than Lindsey Lohan and she is twice her age. I have always thought Sharon Stone is a classy broad LOL! love her!!

  • She’s Sharon Stone!!
    Can’t she be in the raw off of the set or red carpet..
    She’s charming as F@!$ and Hella sexy
    I’d never say no to her..

  • These girls are sexy. I saw many pretty and charming women on agelover. CòM. If you take a search, you may get a big surprise.

  • It was simply not a flattering facial expression in the photo. I would much rather see a person who has aged naturally than one who has the skin pulled back so tight on their face that it shines.

  • Welll, she does get Botox between her eyebrows that is obvious; other than that, she always looked great but could call her makeup artist to clean her up better for her closeup lol

  • Isn’t it sad that Sharon Stone is being commended for looking her age? It says a lot about celebrity-land these days. That was a very nice interview though, she seems insightful.

  • She looks great, but sunscreen should be her friend.

    When did her hair grow so long? I love it.

  • Fair play to her, she looks like she’s having a good time relaxing with friends and letting her hair down, and has the confidence to just be herself.

  • I think she’s great! She is still a beauty, probably a lot of fun to hang out with! I’m 56 years old, and would hate for any of those fan mag creeps to dissect my face! I think it’s a woman’s personal choice whether she has surgery or not. Hats off to her.

  • She looks great. She will get roles that call for an older woman and she will look like a beautiful older woman. Heather Locklear will not get those calls, as will most of Hollywood. Jessica Lange let her age work for her. She still looks classy. So many of these twenty something stars look like they are forty with plastic surgery that makes them look like they are trying to pass for 30 something.

    Kim Kardashian is a beautiful girl, w/or w/o make-up. But she is starting to look like she is made of plastic. What 30 year old wants to have the same skin as Joan Rivers. It all has the same effect. The gals on Desperate Housewives could not even look upset or sad at the end of the show. Marcia Cross has a no expression look on her at all times.

  • And can we just say thank god she’s not wearing those silly fingerless 80’s Madonna style gloves to cover up her hands while trying to say its a fashion statement! Like anyone really buys that one? Good for her but I do hope the ex nanny’s claims are at least exaggerated, if not, then shame on her for bad treatment of staff.

  • Leta all face the bloody truth here huh? If we didn’t know it was Sharon Stone most of us would think it was some hagged old bag lady.
    I mean really without disrespect to a wonderful lady, this is a shocking photo!

  • If you really were trying to make a point in saying that she is looking realistic and beautiful at her age, why posting pic 1 and 2? Nobody, at any age would appreciate having pics like that put on the internet for everybody to see. YOU should start with being nice to her.

  • I’m 55 and I look DREADFUL and I mean DREADFUL – she looks great in comparison
    Penny P @ Aylesbury

  • THATS what she looks like??? You say Sharon Stone, I see the vision of Basic Instinct when the leg is at its highest. Even when I tapped that ass, the light was off so Ive never really got a good look at her face.