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PHOTOS: Megan Fox is Definitely, Definitely Pregnant

photo of megan fox pregnancy pictures
Either that, or she’s got a massive case of gas and bloat. And judging by the look on husband Brian Austin Green’s face, that could very well be true, but I doubt it. He’s doing it for show, but we’re not so easily fooled, are we, guys? No. I didn’t think we were.

Seriously, though, all this back and forth and “is she” and “isn’t she” is really becoming tiresome. I mean, honestly. She so obvious is, and I just don’t understand why she doesn’t come out with it already. It’s not going to be a big secret for much longer.

I don’t know. At least she isn’t hiding behind an umbrella. Brian Austin Green’s man hands and stink-faces are way better than that, and don’t we deserve the best?

If the attached photos don’t convince you that there’s a bun baking in Megan’s hot-ass oven, then check this one out, released by Us Magazine:

photo of megan fox pregnant

Yeah, I know. It’s grainy and blurry and totally crappy, but BABIES! SQUEE!

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    The End

    Dear Sexy Mrs Megan Fox,that was my idea that I will like to give to ya,of what I,think should be your next new Movie Film,& if you like,you can add to the ideas of this Screenplay,some of your very own ideas,& I think some of the other actors in this film should be,Brad Pitt,Angelina Jolie,Bruce Willis & Cobie Smulders,& dear Mrs Megan Fox,that was my idea,of what I think should be your next new movie,have a very awesome day Mam

  • Um,hello there Mrs Megan Fox,& um,I really hope that you’re having a very awesome day,& um I hope that you got all of ma Television Movie Screenplays,that I have written for you,& there are a few couple other Screenplays that I have written for you,in the past couple of years,& um you can find them on one of your older comment page,but um,here is a Love Song,that I have written for you,& the name of it is called,Take Care Honey,& I wrote this song to the instrumental of a rap song called 1st Of Tha Month,using all of my own lyrics,& 1st Of Tha Month was originally sang by a rap group called Bone Thugs N Harmony,& dear Sexy Mrs Megan Fox,there is something,that I will like ya,to know,& that something is this:I wrote & sang a part of my chorus in exactly,the same way that one of the Bone Thugs N Harmony members,sang theirs,& that part of their chorus that sounds,like mines,is when Bizzy Bone is singing:It’s The First Of Tha Month So Cash Your Cheques And Come On,I wrote a part of my chorus to sound like that,& that part of my chorus that sounds like Bizzy Bone’s part,is the second sentences,of my chorus,so dear Sexy Mrs Megan Fox,here is ma Track for you,that I have written for you,to the instrumental,of 1st Of Tha Month,using all of my very own lyrics/words,have a very awesome day Mam,oh I almost forgot,dear Mrs Megan Fox,whenever you see the word Lay-Day,in ma Love Song,this word means Lady,& um,have yourself an awesome day Mam

    The Song Title:Take Care Honey

    My Chorus For Sexy Mrs Megan Fox:

    Yo,yo,girl,what’s today,It’s a holiday Bay-Bay so hey girl what’s up,and girl,do you model babe,how’s your day going,yo Lay-Day hey girl what’s up,and girl do you travel babe,play scrabble girl,pretty Lay-Day you’re very special,and girl it is saturday,you should party,girl,sexy Lay-Day,you’re very special

    Verse 1 for Mrs Megan Fox:

    So girl,hey,life is cool,things are great,pretty Bay-Bay,hey girl,what’s up,pretty babe,keep on modeling,making more friends,cause Lay-Day,you’re very special,special girl,like treasures girl,do you hang out,babe,at places,that’s very famous,hey girl,keep on modeling,you’re so glamourous,sexy Lady,you’re very famous

  • Well,um,hello there Mrs Megan Fox,& um,I hope that you got all the movie Screenplays,that I have written for y

  • Dear Mrs Megan Fox,well,um,what I meant to say,in ma previous comment above,was,I hope that you got all of the Movie Screenplays,that I have written for ya,& um,here is a track that I have written for,ya,& the name of it is called,Sunny Days,& I wrote this track to the instrumental of a reggae song called Foundation,using all of my own words/lyrics,& Foundation was originally sang by a reggae singer named Beenie Man featuring another reggae group called Taxi Gang,so dear Mrs Megan Fox,here is ma Love song for ya,that I have written to the instrumental of the reggae song called Foundation

    The song title:Sunny Days

    Ma introduction before ma chorus:

    Well,chant,for Selassie I,from the heavens,Zion’s heights,Michael them,& all the Angels

    Ma chorus for sexy Mrs Megan Fox:

    It’s a lovely,day,girl,hope you’re feeling happy,babe,hope everything is,cool,girl,yo,honey you’re so,cute,girl,hope you’re feeling happy,babe,yo,girl,how are you today,yo,girl,I hope you’re feeling great,pretty babe,yo girl,what’s up,sexy babe,hey girl,do you wanna,hang,with me in yorkville

    Verse 1:

    Well,hey,things are so swell,girl,don’t on dwell,bad vibes,pretty babe,I,like to shave,I’m not full,of rage,I’m free like a bird,that is not kept in,a cage,& every stage,of life,hope you’re merry,girl,do you like cherry milkshakes,sexy babe,I hope you’re fine,girl,what’s up,girl,what’s your sign,hi babe,what’s up,hey girl,I’m in,ma city,girl,you are so fine

  • Hello Sexy Mrs.Megan Fox,did you get a few couple of the screenplays,that I have written for you,well,um,if you did,more wealth to ya

  • Um,hello Sexy Mrs.Megan Fox,um,how are you doing today,well um,I truly hope that everything is going well,& um,I will just like to say,that the other day,I wrote for you,a love song called Sunny Days,& I had written it to the instrumental of a reggae song called Foundation,& Foundation was originally sang by the reggae singer named Beenie Man,& what I’m trying to say is that I don’t think that I had written my track called Sunny Days for you to the fullest of my potentials,because I was interrupted,while I was doing it,so maybe someday,I might rewrite it over again,but anyhow,today I have written a different song for ya,& the name of it is called More Love To You,& I wrote this song to the instrumental of a reggae song called My Jamaican Guy,using my very own lyrics/words,& the reggae song called My Jamaican Guy was originally sang by the reggae singer named Bounty Killer featuring another singer named Grace Jones,so dear Sexy Mrs.Megan Fox,here is my Love Song for ya,that I have written to the instrumental of My Jamaican Guy,using all of my very own lyrics/words,thank you & have yourself a very spectacular evening

    My Song Title:More Love To You

    My introduction before my chorus for Sexy Mrs.Megan Fox:

    Sexy Bay-Bay,Mrs.Fox,girl,what’s up,sexy lady,hey girl,yo,pretty babe,girl,what’s up,sexy Bay-Bay

    My chorus for sexy Mrs.Megan Fox:

    So,girl,yo,where you from,I’m,from St.Vincent,lady,St.Vincent,& The Grenadines,girl,you mean a lot,to me lady,girl,yo,girl,hey love,it’s in the Caribbean,Bay-Bay,I will,like to,take you,out someday,girl,I will treat you,nicely

    Verse 1 for Sexy Mrs.Megan Fox:

    You can,have a seat,next to me,I’ll make you,feel comfortably,comfortably seated,sexy babe,girl,I will treat,you nicely,kind hearted,girl is me,girl I will,treat you kindly,you’re a darling,so,sexy babe,all the dinner,girl,will be,on me

    The second chorus for Sexy Mrs.Megan Fox:

    God bless you,always,girl,everyday,always,you’re so lovely,very famous,& sexy babe,all the dinner,girl,wil be on me

  • Um,hello there Mrs.Megan Fox,& how’s it going,I really hope that everything’s going well,& here is a track that I have written for ya,& the name of it is called,What’s The Hollywood Life Like,& I wrote this song to the instrumetal of a reggae song called Nuff Gal,using all of my very own words/lyrics,& the reggae song called Nuff Gal,was originally sang by the regae singer named Beenie Man,& Nuff Gal by Beenie Man,comes from off of one of Beenie Man’s reggae albums called Maestro,so dear sexy Mrs.Megan Fox,here is my love song that I have written for ya,to the instrumental of Nuff Gal,using all of my very own words/lyrics

    My Song Title:What’s The Hollywood Life Like

    My introduction before my chorus for Sexy Mrs.Megan Fox:

    Sometimes,girl,I wish,I was,in Hollywood,baby,hey girl,I will like to be famous,just,like you sexy lady

    My Chorus for Mrs.Megan Fox:

    So,what’s the hollywood,life like,is it,very cool,in the night time,are you,always in the spotlights,hey girl,I really really,like your nice smile,plus,are you very famous,hey girl,I will,like to go to Texas,hey girl,do you like Benz & Lexus,they’re,really,really really cool,cars

    Verse 1 for Sexy Mrs.Megan Fox:

    So,girl,what’s your favourite sport,babe,so girl,what’s your favourite dish,babe,mines is,curried goat,every Mondays,actually,I like it,everyday,with some,pasta,on the side girl,can you,be my master,everyday girl,I will rather,buy you things,that you like,girl,I will,like to make you breakfast,pretty babe

    • Well,um,hello there Mrs Megan Fox,& um,I hope that you’re doing fine,plus here is a new movie idea that I have written for ya,in the form of a screenplay,& it is a romantic & comedy film,& the name of your new movie should be called Taking Good Care,& the theme/story of this film should be based upon this:

      One bright & sunny afternoon,while you(Mrs.Megan Fox),was driving in Toronto,on your way to the Sassafraz,a very handsome gentleman,pulled up right beside you,at the stop lights,then he looked over at you give you(Mrs.Megan Fox),a very polite wave of his hands,then smiled at you,then as the stop lights changed to green,he sped away in his mercedes down the street,so then finally you(Mrs.Megan Fox),arrived at the Sassafraz,which is located in the down town village of Toronto,Canada,in an area called Yorkville,& as you stepped out of your car,a photographer walked up to ya(Mrs.Megan Fox),then asked you(Mrs.Megan Fox),if he can take a few couple of pictures of you,standing by your car,because he wanted you to be in a few couple of his very famous magazines,so then you(Mrs.Megan Fox),told him,yes that he can take a few couple pictures of you,& his name was Brad Stewart,so then Mr.Stewart,took some pictures of you,then he asked you(Mrs.Megan Fox),if you will like to be a celebrity model,for Tommy Hilfiger,because he Mr.Stewart,was a direct representative for Tommy Hilfiger,so then you(Mrs.Megan Fox),told him sure why not,so then you(Mrs.Megan Fox),began to Model for Tommy Hilfiger,& then you became very famous & successful,& you were invited to many shows & celebrity parties,& in the ending of this movie,you became more & more happier & successful,then you lived happily ever after

      The end

      Dear Mrs.Megan Fox,that was my new idea of what I think should be your next new film,& if you like you can change around some of the ideas of this new film,& some of the other actors & actresses,that I think will make this movie more outrageously funny if you call them up & ask them to be a part of it are,Jim Carrey,Mr.Brad Pitt,Mr.George Clooney,Mrs.Angelina Jolie,& Mrs.Kate Winslet

  • Sweetie, just letting you know, Megan Fox is probably not reading this. This is a gossip post ABOUT her. Not FROM her. lol