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Here’s Deena Nicole Cortese Being Bailed Out of Jail by Her Parents, Whee!

photo of deena nicole cortese leaving jail pictures
Oh that crazy Deena Cortese. Always doing crazy, crazy things like drunkenly humping ceramic pigs and getting arrested, and drunkenly humping non-ceramic pigs (oh, no, my bad; the right word in this case would be ‘warthogs’), and generally being one fine, hot-ass mess in public. These photos are photos of her parents—her parents!—bailing her out of jail for public drunkenness and disorderly conduct or whatever the charge was. They all run together and there’re so many fine lines of demarcation that it doesn’t really matter anyway. It’s ‘Jersey Shore’, or, you know, ‘The Big Embarrassing Elephant in the Room When the Shore Generation is Old Enough to be in Nursing Homes’. The less specifics we have in this case, the better off everyone involved will be.

So, yeah. Deena Cortese and her parents, leaving the police station, where it looks like they might have kept her for the entire night. She’s wearing the same clothes she got arrested in, after all, and a hangover is apparently imminent, so that’s my guess.

The thing is, she’s kind of cute. I know, I know; I could seriously off myself for saying that, but I think it’s true. Normally I’d chalk something like this up to too much coffee and blurry lenses, but the thing is, I’ve actually said it before. Specifically, I said, “… Deena Nicole Cortese has potential … sort of.” And I meant it then, too. Save for the head part, Deena Cortese is a HOT-TAY.

And we’ll forgive her for ill publicity stemming from a drunk and disorderly this time. I guess it’s better than hearing all about her snap-on teeth, anyway. There’s still always that.

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  • Awwwww, they must be so proud to have a douchebag, filthy little embarrassing skank of a daughter to bail out.