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FIRST LOOK: Miley’s 3.5 Carat Neil Lane-Designed Engagement Ring

photo of miley's engagement ring pictures
Oh gosh. That’s quite something, huh? And it looks, well … it looks a lot like Miley’s old, craptastic Forever 21 “engagement ring” that she was rocking a few months back, just classier and not as brassy-looking. Emily told you guys this morning that Miley Cyrus is going to get married—and at such a good time, too, what with Liam doing all sorts of big-name projects with big-name actors and actresses. It’s a veritable gold mine, and the ring itself isn’t so shabby. It’s not exactly my cup of tea (I’m more of a white-gold girl myself, but that’s only because I’ve got this garish olive complexion that borders on yellow when I haven’t seen the sun, and yellow gold doesn’t exactly complement yellow skin all that well), but it’s definitely pretty and has character.

And even despite the fact that I guess I could call myself “happy” for the two of these guys, I’m definitely skeptical. Honestly, Miley’s nineteen. And she’s engaged to be married. Guys, I’ve been there. And almost ten years later, I look back on it and shake my head and laugh because really … what the hell was I even thinking? Yeah, Miley’s got more money and more miles on me at nineteen than I do at twenty-eight, and there’s certain things that I’ll never experience, though Miley already has, but lessons aren’t always learned at nineteen, and sometimes—sometimes!—you gain even more wisdom as you get older. Sounds crazy, I know, but I’m full aware that I thought I knew what I was doing at nineteen, and whoops: ten years later I was laughing at myself. Thing is, that’s probably going to be a common theme as the decades go by. When I’m sitting here at almost forty, I’m going to say, “Wow. Boy, did I really think I knew it all at twenty-eight, too.”

I’m not going to rain on the Miley + Liam! OMG! parade that some people are partying with today, because hey—I’m not a f-cking fortune teller—but I am going to say: Miley’s got a good long-ass life ahead of her, and I highly doubt that the whole remainder is going to be spent just with Liam Hemsworth, you know?

Check out the video for more exclusive details about Miley’s ring and upcoming nuptials—because they’re probably going to be SOON.

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  • I really don’t like the ring. At all. It’s really tacky. I am sorry to say it but I do not think they will last either, but I wish them well because I really like them both. Also, Sarah I can’t believe you’re like 5 years older than me and already have two children omfg I feel like I need to catch up aha

    • I had my first at twenty-four, and then my second just a few months ago (at twenty-eight). LOL But that first one kind of happened faster than we thought it would!

  • Yeah, not feelin’ that ring. But I’m not a “yellow gold, shitloads of diamonds” kind of girl. But I agree with mireee, it looks tacky to me.

  • I love the couple. I think they will last, they have been dating for awhile. They will just need to take things slow. This ring though seems like Mileys style, personally, not my style. But I am excited to see what the dress will look like! HOT COUPLE! <3

  • It’s geogorges,it’s good all those who hate it are jerks, they hate it because it’s not there’s