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Jennifer Love Hewitt Isn’t Unlucky in Love, Guys, Gosh

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People have gone and upset ‘The Client List’s Jennifer Love Hewitt, guys. She’s all upset that people are writing malicious things about her like that her boobs are fake, she’s “cursed” in love, and the like, and you know what? She’s so upset about it that she’s—surprise, surprise—gone to Twitter to vent her frustrations. Not only is she calling people out about haters, she’s also retweeting things like, “Is it going to take Superman to sweep me off my feet?” which is not exactly deterring people from wondering about her mental status regarding her relationship life.

Here’s the gist of JLH’s complaints:

“Read like 10 rumors about myself today! So crazy! My boobs are real, I’m not cursed in love, I had a vacation with friends and I’m single! I am down. Really hurt by all the people who judge me, write mean things, rumors etc. It’s so hurtful. It’s hard to keep your head up. This is what I did on vacation. Painted part of there (sic) school and met these great kids. No more rumors.”

Oh. Girl. Let’s just quit with the their/they’re/there misuse. It’s not helping out your case any, hon. And maybe if you’d quit favoriting Tweets that make you look like you’ll stalk any half-decent-looking dude who looks your way, people wouldn’t be so quick to judge you. On Twitter. On Twitter. Elsewhere, all bets are off.

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  • If this is not true.. don’t worry.. you’re a grown up lady and can handle rumor and gossip which is part of your life, putting out the publicity to get interest and keep you in the news, why not ignore what you can not change, which is someone’s opinion of you.. and just focus on your real life, not caring what others jealously rant about.. huh?

  • What? So Jennifer can’t try to let it go on Twitter? LOL it’s her account she does whatever she wants. I would like to know how y’all would feel if the media would constantly attack you, it’s ridiculous. She can’t have any privacy at the moment.

    I love Jennifer and I hope she is alright now.

  • Pick, pick, pick. Who cares how many times Jennifer Love Hewitt uses indefinite pronouns? As to personal attacks, not many people are fond of them. Even those individuals who resort to using them in their attempt to smear another person. Demonstrate a little courage. Use your real name.