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The Reporter That Will Smith Slapped Speaks

See? Just like I thought, it was a total misunderstanding*. The Ukrainian reporter who attempted a kiss on Will Smith was interviewed exclusively by Hip Hollywood, and he claimed that the entire thing was blown out of proportion because it wasn’t even his intent to be getting all violating with Will Smith. About the incident, the reporter said:

“I do apologize for my behavior … Now I understand that it was too much. I tried to kiss him on the cheek, but he moved his head so fast, then it turned out as if I wanted to kiss him in the ear. It was chaotic. … Of course after analyzing the story, I can say it was emotional impulse. I deeply respect him as an actor. I just wanted to do something to impress him.”

You can watch the above two-minute-long-plus video of the reporter talking himself in circles and trying to make the public understand how much he admires Will’s body of work, and how he never meant it to be offensive, and how he just wanted to “impress” him (I’m still mulling that one over in my head, guys)

Alright? No harm done and everyone’s happy? I told you this guy’s not full of shit*. So can we bury the hatchet, now, Will? Would that be alright, you think?

*That’s a joke. This guy’s completely full of shit, but I still say that the second hit was unnecessary—the first was definitely enough to embarrass the dude and send him on his way.

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  • I personally find Will Smith kind of annoying, but I have to go with the consensus on this one, and state that I think he acted properly. This douche should have known better than to try and kiss another person like that — especially another dude. I don’t care if it’s some tradition from Ukrainian culture or some bullshit like that, either. You just don’t do that, and he’s most fortunate that Smith didn’t recall some of his moves from playing Muhammed Ali.