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Of Course There’s a Photo From LeAnn and Eddie’s Vow Renewal Ceremony

photo of leann and eddie cibrian pictures photos
Did you guys know that these two asshats renewed their wedding vows on their one-year anniversary? Because they did. And while it might be cute for another couple to do it on their one-year anniversary (say, a couple like Michelle Williams and Jason Segel), it’s not all that cute, because we’re talking about Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes here. The thing is, this was one of LeAnn’s TwitPics. Do you know what kind of TwitPics girlfriend normally sends out? Because it’s these. It’s always these, with Eddie and kissy-faces and LURVE and big teeth … I could go on and on, really.

I don’t know. I just can’t look at this anymore. I’m going to head over to our friends at Celebslam, where they’ve compiled the Hottest Twitpics of April. I will park myself there for the remainder of the evening. At least there I can look at people like Miranda Kerr. And you should, too.

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  • Oh you forgot the best part, Fox News wrote an article about how Leann sets up deals with the paps today. How bad does her famewhoring have to be to make a media outlet write an article about her famewhoring?

    What baffles me is how HuffPo and E online can look at this photo and still try to tell it’s readers that it’s love. Look at how she is laughing, that isn’t natural. It so forced. And check out the timing of the photos: Jessica Simpson and Kate and Will are dominating the press and then Eddie’s ex-wife is hosting something for the Kentucky Derby this week. And yet instead of calling her on her attention seeking, HuffPo and Eonline wrote about how they are still going strong.

    Eddie is carrying a Bible? A Bible. The man who cheered on his wife as she made out with this mistress while his kids were just a few feet away and whojust bullied his ex-wife today using his lawyers is carrying a Bible? I think he must have his Don Julio stashed in there.

    Why is she barefoot in a Church? That isn’t cute. I don’t ever recall any celeb being bold enough to walk in a Church barefoot because it sends the wrong message.Is she trying to convince us that her marriage to Eddie is God’s will, hence why they made sure to get shots of the cross behind them.

  • She posts all these photos of her with her mouth wide open and every time I see one I always hear a donkey braying. Heeeeee-haawwwh!