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Look, It’s A New Song from Eve 6!

Wow. Eve 6, right? Remember “Inside Out”? If that doesn’t bring me back to my 7th grade formal, I don’t know what does. I’d get a friend to ask a boy to dance with me, and then he’d laugh and walk away, and I’d mutter to myself “rendezvous, then I’m through with you.” And then I’d go to the bathroom and cry.

But really, I love Eve 6 so much. I came across the music video to “Here’s to The Night” on MTV, and that was it. My aunt got me their second album for my birthday, I picked up their first album from the record store with my allowance, and I listened to them all the time. Seriously, it was obscene how often I listened to those albums. That was back when we had a computer but no internet, so I’d just chill in my room and play solitaire and listen to Eve 6. Middle school, you guys. It was a glorious time for us all.

In 2003, I was a little bit older, and Eve 6 released their third album. My grandma was sweet enough to swing me by the mall so I could pick it up, and, of course, I loved it. Not as much as their second, but I still enjoyed it. “Eve 6 is one of my favorite bands,” I thought.

And then they broke up.

So this music video, this “Victoria” song, is the first single off of their new album, their reunion album, Speak in Code, which will be released next week. And I am freaking out.

Are any of you guys excited about this too? If not, then which band from your awkward teen years would you want to see get back together? And please don’t say Spice Girls.