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Quotables: Jennifer Lawrence Says “Screw PETA”

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“I should say it wasn’t real, for PETA, but screw PETA.”

This, of course, is Jennifer Lawrence in her recent interview with Rolling Stone, talking about a squirrel-skinning scene in her film, ‘Winter’s Bone’. Jen didn’t elaborate as to why she felt such animosity toward PETA, but I’m completely OK with her not feeling the need to reveal her deep-seated thoughts toward an organization which, though good-intentioned, is ultimately just a big old bully.

PETA had this to say in response to Jennifer’s comments, naturally:

“She’s young and the plight of animals somehow hasn’t yet touched her heart. As Henry David Thoreau said, ‘The squirrel you kill in jest, dies in earnest.’ When people kill animals, it is the animals who are ‘screwed,’ not PETA, and one day I hope she will try to make up for any pain she might cause any animal who did nothing but try to eke out a humble existence in nature.”

Oh! See what they did there? Spun Jennifer’s words into something cutesy and crafty (and stupid), and didn’t verbally assault her with flour-bombs? That’s because she’s the hot little thing of the moment, and who’d dare talk back to Jennifer Lawrence now that she’s this hot? No, PETA’s going to just bide their time and wait. They’re going to wait for the right time to go ahead and hit Jennifer with milled grains or red paint or slanderous claims when you least expect it, guys. This is the kind of thing they do, and they don’t forget who’s tangled with them in the past.

So you’re either going to love her even more for this, or you’re going to do a total 180 and completely hate her. What’s it going to be?

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  • Still don’t like her! PETA can be a pain in the butt but there is no need to get all offensive about them. The success she has with that crappy film (Hunger Games – HATED the book!) and pictures in which she looks thinner/better than in reality (tanks to PhotoShop) are apparantly going to her head…

  • That’s awesome…one of the funniest moments for me personally from the “The Office” was when Michael is at the headquarters with Dwight after Dwight cut the face off the CPR doll and Michael says “Let’s donate some money to an organization that Dwight hates”. Immediately, Dwight looks straight at the camera and says “PETA”. I think she played a good Katness but I thought this in particular was pretty damn funny.

  • Personally Im not for or against her. Before this article i was neutral on her but now….she’s one up in my book! Peta doesn’t go after real animal abuse like the starving house full of dogs or something, instead they they harass well known people and organizations for publicity to push their idea off on people.

    • TOTALLY agree. i understand that they use the publicity of people who are already famous…but come on! id love to see them use that energy and anger on some abused dogs or starved horses, etc etc, instead of always freaking out on celebs and meat eaters.

  • Wow, I love Lawrence more now. Fuck PETA. They don’t fucking care for animals and end up euthanizing most of them anyway. Maybe if they focused more on getting adoptive owners for pets and less on Kim Kardashian’s jumbo ass implants covered in mink fur they wouldn’t need to kill all the animals. SO YEA FUCK PETA.

    • @LegalEase, good for you for talking about PETA and euthanizing animals, I had a whole informative spiel typed out and then deleted it due to the potential of it coming back and biting me in the ass after i graduate veterinary school and try to find a job. so thanks again.

  • My dog kills squirrels, mice, gophers, and birds on a regular basis, and she does it purely for SPORT (since she doesn’t eat them). Do you think PETA would want my dog to make up for the pain she’s caused these little animals? Just wondering…

  • I’m not really familiar with this actress (yet, I believe I need to add a “yet” in there), but yeah…screw PETA. I wonder if they actually accomplish anything good except sound as crazy as those Westboro Baptist assholes.

  • I want to be her friend now. Loved her in the film (which I thought was excellent), love that she says what most people think. Fuck Peta. Go to your local shelter.

  • This is a gossip site…not a political site. And yet Sarah has repeatedly brought up PETA, putting forward her views on a personal topic for many readers. Evil Beet doesn’t comment on pro-choice organizations, human rights organizations, or civil liberties organizations, so why should PETA be mentioned so much? Lots of organizations have their issues, a lot of people support PETA, and most of all, the repeated jabs ruin a lighthearted site.

    • Probably because you don’t often hear about celebrities endorsing – or slamming – pro-choice organizations, human rights organizations, or civil liberties organizations like they do with PETA. But I can bet you if they did, we’d probably talk about them, too, for the sake of having something to discuss. You know?

    • Well, maybe she brings up PETA so much because celebrities bring up PETA, or because PETA members throw flour on “celebrities” and say bad things about them. For example, she probably wouldn’t have written this article if Jennifer Lawrence hadn’t said “screw PETA.” Besides, since when does being a writer on a “gossip site” mean that you can’t give your opinion on anything other than gossip? That’s just silly…

    • Who cares what they comment on? It’s not like just because this is a celebrity gossip site that their automatically boxed into not being able to mention anything not 100% related to celebrity.

  • PETA should stop worrying about celebrities and movies and perhaps deal and take some action in helping the “non-celebrity” animals that are being harmed and killed everyday. All I hear from PETA is this bitch celebrity wore fur, or this cunt movie did this…PETA is stupid.

  • Well, because she’s young, she didn’t respond as intelligently as she would have about 10 years from now. I saw that wonderful movie and I can tell you that it was a “crystal” clear picture of life in southeast Missouri; from the music to the life in the drug trade. Appalachian and Ozark people have eaten squirrels, rabbits and deer. etc. for hundreds of years. Peta serves a valid purpose in raising awareness of animal cruelty, but they have and will continue to go completely over-board. I’m sure that squirrel in the film was humanely killed as was the white-tail deer. This film was about what a very young girl will do to fend for herself and her family in ways that these people of the hills and the backwoods have always done, shown up-close and real and the only thing Ms. Lawrence did wrong was use inappropriate speech because she’s a kid.

    • yawn. inappropriate? pretty sure she is allowed to make these kind of succinct, soundbite comments if she so chooses. 10 years from now she might not have answered at all. i, for one, am grateful for the honesty of youth. screw people who write “kid”s off.

      • Go to your room and do stay there until you’ve finished your homework, or no Wii for you for a week AND you’re grounded!!!!!

  • I’m not a regular reader but I found this while googling “PeTA endorsing celebrities” because I wanted to pull up a list of exactly who I should boycott/try to see if I can educate etc. I am ridiculously in love with Jennifer Lawrence and I didn’t think it was possible for me to love her more. This quote proved me wrong.

    On the subject of PETA, they currently have a rehoming rate of about 0.07% from their pet shelter which doesn’t even meet their own standards for humane pet shelters. The Commonwealth of Virginia even wanted to revoke their status as a shelter but their lawyer argued that they retained their status on a technicality. PETA has a 37.4 BILLION yearly budget yet they only managed to rehome 24 animals (out of 1992 animals) this year, euthanizing over 1000 ADOPTABLE ANIMALS (those numbers leaving out the ones sick, injured or considered difficult to adopt). It’s a huge organization with ridiculous amounts of monetary ressources and yet it hasn’t spent a penny for its own shelter. You’d think with that money they could afford to build an actual shelter and spend money on rehoming and adoption efforts. No, instead they spend it on reactionary activism, child and teen targeted propaganda which relies on shock value and trauma (not unlike cults), celebrity endorsement campaigns (which the celebrities often times don’t even fully adhere to if at all) to name but a few things. The truth about PeTA is that they are the biggest load of hypocrites. Just google “petakillsanimals”. They back up their claims with evidence and sources, and quick researching confirms it. So I fucking applaud Jennifer Lawrence, I don’t know if she is aware of this- I’d hope so, she grew up on a horse farm and cares about animals- but if she isn’t, she’s still right.

  • I say SCREW JENNIFER LAWRENCE. PETA’s methods may not be for all, but their intentions are the best! I will no longer watch anything else that little witch makes.