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Jennifer Lawrence is Glistening, Tanned, and in a Variety of Swimwear


Well these are some delightful little photos, aren’t they? They’re apparently outtakes from a recent Esquire photo shoot, and I think they kind of speak for themselves. Girlfriend is bomb, right? And what was this business I read this past weekend, people think that Jennifer Lawrence is “fat”? What kind of “fat” are we talking, here? If you mean “fat” in the sense of “ohmyf-ckingshit she’s damn gorgeous,” then yes, girl is fat as hell. But I think there was a word invented back in the day that Kimora Lee Simmons created an entire line from, and that word is “phat.” And no, I can’t believe that I even used that word in its right context either, but that’s the only thing I can think of to apply to Jennifer Lawrence, because I *know* that no one can actually mean that she’s overweight.

Moving on.

Here’s a trailer from Jennifer’s latest movie, ‘House at the End of the Street’, and it looks … well, it’s no ‘Hunger Games’, let’s just say that, OK? If I say so myself, actually, the movie looks like complete crap, but I have a feeling that legions of dedicated Katniss Everdeen fans are going to flock to it come this September, because she is who she is:

Check out the rest of the photos in the gallery. They’re not nearly as disappointing as the trailer for that piss-poor excuse for a movie.


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  • She looks like a blonde girl trying to be sexy. There is nothing about this chick that distinguishes her from any of the number of unremarkable women she looks exactly like.

    Why is this website kissing her ass so much? Is someone getting paid for it or something…?

    • I think the praise comes from the shock and refusal that she, would be considered big boned or fat and perhaps some additional transfer of emotion from the character to the, actor herself.

  • Would like to unsee these photos. She’s not sexy , or imo, desirable. This was an unnecessary move in her career.

    • She needs to fire her agent NOW. Is she involved in choosing her own film projects in any way? Why is she trying to look like “a blonde girl trying to be sexy?” (Props to meh) I’m equally surprised at Elizabeth Shue. (Leaving Las Vegas). Sure, not every film can be a Winter’s Bone, but holy crap! You can’t look at a magazine without seeing the uber-talented Jennifer Lawrence acting like she’s in heat! Wrong, wrong moves.

    • I agree with the unnecessary move. She’s way too talented to be doing crap like this. She is gorgeous, though.

  • I think it stems from the book’s portrayal of Katniss as underfed and scrawny, and she’s supposed to be lithe and nimble enough to climb to the top of a tree where the branches are weak. Jennifer Lawrence is not fat, but girlfriend’s husky and she ain’t getting anywhere near to a tree’s crown.

    • She’s HUSKY?! While I know it’s so fucking important for you weird obsessed Hunger Games people for everything to be sooo exact, I would never call this girl husky.

      Do you have any idea what calling girls like this husky can do to them? Fuck, you people are so twisted.

      • No, no, most Hunger Games fandom adores Jennifer Lawrence, me included. Don’t include us in this. As for Puddin, where’s the criticism to Gale? He isn’t underfed in the film either. Also, you don’t need to be lithe and nimble to climb to the top of a tree, ability counts more than weight. Stop being so prejudiced.

    • What about Peeta and Gale? They weren’t fucking underfed, nimble and scrawny. So they didn’t starve themselves for the role. Big fucking deal – Lawrence is Katniss. The casting for the movie was impeccable.

      You’re mainly a massive douchetard for calling her husky because she clearly isn’t.

      • Ah yes, our world in which we live, when a girl who has visible collar, hip, and rib bones is considered “husky” because she has t&a…and a large majority of our population is overweight, not to mention obese. i don’t get it. seriously, i don’t.

  • Obviously perception of beauty is subjective, but many consider her a very attractive young woman. I think the photos are meant to show a different side of herself, for those who have only seen “Winter’s Bone” or “Hunger Games”. It’s not a bad move at all, as it puts it out there that she has the range to play beautiful, sexy young women, as well as the more tomboyish characters of Katniss and Ree, that she is most known for thus far.

  • Thank you, Evil Beet….thank you for the photos, movie trailer. Jennifer Lawrence is sexy whether she is posing like she is in the above photos, running terrified in a spooky house, or running, tumbling, protecting loved ones while shooting arrows. Lawrence is also an amazing actress and seems very down to earth which I’ve always thought to be very sexy. As far as the “new movie” trailer(House at the End of the Street) that was filmed not long after “Winter’s Bone”….before XMen First Class and of course long before The Hunger Games. No matter what Lawrence will be great in it and elevate the material. Besides, Lawrence’s next new film is actually The Silver Linings Playbook and then Serena. So, it’s all good. Oh, and because it bears repeating: Good Lord, Jennifer Lawrence has an unbelievably beautiful body!.

    • Thanx for the timeline of her filmings. Having said that, unless you’re Houdini, you can’t “elevate” a stinker. Don’t you think about 1,000+ sex-ola photos (ex. RollingStone Cover) are enough to demonstrate her “range?” I think she has gone into over-kill to make that point. She’s a 5 star actress with enormous credibility, but, truth be told, too much T&A can diminish that credibility…especially if you’re a woman.

  • Oh, one more thing…I’m one of those obsessed Hunger Games fans, nitpicky about details, etc., and as far as I’m concerned, Lawrence NAILED her portrayl of Katniss, it was flawless. Jennifer Lawrence equals Katniss Everdeen. Some critics made some dopey comments in an effort to appear funny or superior and then some turds online saw an opportunity and ran with it. However, judging by the fan response (as well as response from casual observers) no one supports it. WTF seems to be the usual response followed by support and loyalty towards Lawrence.