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Guess the Celebrity: The Mug Shot Edition

Can you guess who this lady is right off the bat? I sure couldn’t, even though I absolutely loved the television show that she’s known for. The last season aired my senior year of high school, and I remember coming home from a graduation party and realizing that I missed the series finale and being really, really disappointed. It was an awesome show.

Here’s an additional hint: this isn’t the first time we’ve shown you guys a mug shot of this lady. We shared another one a couple of years ago, when this actress was arrested for driving under the influence. Sadly, from the looks of things, it was a bad, bad influence.

Do you know who it is yet?

A photo of Lisa Robin Kelly

It’s Laurie from That ’70s Show! Everybody loved that show, right? If you did, you might remember that Lisa Robin Kelly, this lady who played Laurie, left the show, and her role was later recast. The rumor was that she was becoming a little hard to work with thanks to her developing drug habit, but I can’t really find any facts about it. Judging by her arrests though, and, uh, those mug shots, I’d wager that this isn’t too far away from the truth.

But hey, what did she get arrested for this time?

Lisa Robin Kelly, who played the sister of main character Eric Forman on “That 70s Show,” was arrested early this morning on a felony charge of corporal injury upon a spouse … TMZ has learned.

Kelly was busted at 12:50 AM by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. She is currently in custody and being held on $50,000 bail.

Kelly is no stranger to run-ins with the law. Back in 2010, she pled guilty to DUI in North Carolina.

We reached out to an agent for Kelly … no word back.

Remember what I told you yesterday? There’s no hope with dope. Seriously, there’s not. Do we really need any additional proof of that?

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  • No, we did not all love that risible one-note trainwreck. At least this one is getting her face–such as it is, out there. Between all the Scientologists on that set and Fez statutory-raping any and all doe-eyed minors (the whiter, the better but if there isn’t a WASP around he can wage a psychological war on some Disney slumming-piece), I’d say she’s doing alright.

  • This makes one of those long, elaborate CDAN blinds possibly true — I think. It was about a crazy, sex-fueled set and how one of the actresses fell victim to casting couch pass-arounds, drugs, etc. Many people guessed the set was this show, but couldn’t remember the actress…