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Before They Were Famous: Jennifer Lawrence

photo of jennifer lawrence pictures photos pics
We’re all currently crazy over Jennifer Lawrence, and digging up photos of stars before they were famous is definitely a thing these days. So what happens when you combine the two? Well, you get photos of Jennifer Lawrence before she was famous, back from her days living in obscurity in Kentucky. Duh. What did you think you’d end up with, a damn ham sandwich?

Let’s check out another from her cheering squad days:

photo of jennifer lawrence before she was famous pictures photos pics
And then you have photos of Jennifer Lawrence in sweatpants, which is apparently something that’s in high demand, according to some Google search terms that I happened to notice earlier today:

photo of jennifer lawrence in sweat pants pics
Anyway, whatever. This girl is on fire. When you’ve got celebrity gossip blogs running boring-ass photos of you from high school and you’ve got Brad Pitt mooning over you, using you as the subject of nasty little fantasies, then you know that you’ve finally made it as a real, live celebrity. Especially about that Brad Pitt thing. You really *are* just too beautiful for words then, you know? There’s even buzz about that Jennifer is now considered A-list, which is a hard feat to achieve in just a few movies, especially at the tender young age of twenty-one. From MTV:

What does this mean for Jennifer Lawrence?

As the star of “The Hunger Games,” Lawrence will inevitably be one of the people given credit for its huge success and, from there, move into the realm of “bankable” actresses. While headlining a huge blockbuster certainly helps bolster an actress’ career prospects and offers for future projects, it will be Lawrence’s incredible performance as Katniss Everdeen that secures her new status as a Hollywood A-lister and bona fide star.

With the now-guaranteed success of “The Hunger Games” under her belt, Lawrence’s next project choices are going to be the ones that decide what kind of star she is, according to David Poland of Movie City News.

“She is going to be on top of the celebrity charts for a few years now, but it’s easy to piss that away with a few bad choices,” he said. “My sense is that she wants to be stimulated and not just take the money and run. So she could end up getting dozens of low-budget, high-quality films made or do ‘one for them, one for me’ or try to be the first Bond villainess. Doors are open. But she’s young, and her identity is still forming.”

Congratulations, then, Jennifer. You’re definitely on the top of our list, that’s for damn sure, and who wouldn’t want to be the subject of Evil Beet-love when you’ve got the likes of Coco’s bare tit taking up permanent residence on your left sidebar?

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