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Love It or Leave It (Of Course You Love It): Jennifer Lawrence’s Risque Green Dress

photo of jennifer lawrence hunger games new york city premiere pics
I guess I don’t need to tell you guys how strongly we feel about Jennifer Lawrence around here. I mean, it’s pretty evident in the way we talk about her and the cataclysmically-awesome way that she portrays a character in both a book and a movie that neither Emily nor I have even read and seen (though Emily spoiled the “us” thing by telling us just last night that she did finish the first book, dammit), so it’s no wonder why I’m not really giving you a choice with today’s “Love It or Leave It.” It’s a given.

This is what J Lawrence wore to the New York City screening of The Hunger Games, and I think the rest of the cast and crew could have worn nothing at all and Jennifer still would have completely blown them off the red carpet, you know? Girl’s just got that kind of presence, and when she wears this kind of stuff, my laws.

Lastly, since this is Jennifer’s third documented appearance here on Evil Beet, I thought it’d be appropriate if we did something kind of special to commemorate her presence. And I came up with this:

… You know, even if she does sing with a bit of an underbite. No, but honestly, if there was any question as to Jen’s validity in Hollywood or her likability, *this should probably change your mind.

*This would be a clip from a 2008 movie that Jennifer did with the awesome Chloe Moretz and some other gal, Sophia Bairley, The Poker House. If you haven’t seen it, you really, really should look into assessing your priorities, guys.

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  • This girl is incredibly beautiful and picked a dress that shows off her fantastic body, however, there’s something a little 1990’s about the top part of the dress, right? The color is great on her and while I kind of love the dress (if for no other reason than her rack), I’m not 100% sold on the top. The 90’s were such a weird time for clothes.

  • I don’t what it is about Jennifer Lawrence but I just can’t stand her. Maybe it’s the fact that everyone likes her and I just don’t like things that everyone else likes. I don’t know. But I’m so sick of hearing about her..

  • Jennifer Lawrence is hot, no don’t about it. I for one am excited for the next “huge teen movie craze” to be (what appears it will be) an actually good movie, based off an actually good book, with people who can actually act. I’m watching it tomorrow.