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Bobbi Kristina Wants to Change Her Name to Something More Fame-y, Has a New Boyfriend

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Something that’s got a little ring to it, you know. Maybe like ‘Kristina Houston‘?

From TMZ:

Bobbi Kristina is telling friends … she’s wanted to change her name for years — ever since her parents split — but Whitney wouldn’t let her.

Now that Whitney’s gone, we’re told the 19-year-old feels untethered — and wants to finally change her name completely … making it simply “Kristina Houston.”

We’re told Bobbi has made the decision with a sober mind and is in a “better place” than she’s been in a while.

Other reports claim that Bobbi Kristina wants to change her name to dissociate herself from her father, Bobby Brown. Others say it’s because Kristina wants to achieve international stardom like her mother, and figures it’s a good bet if she’s carrying the Houston name instead of her father’s.

However, I don’t think girlfriend’s going to have such an easy time shedding the Bobby Brown comparisons. She’s practically got his head resting on her shoulders (seriously, chick looks just like him, right down to the gap between her teeth).

In other weird, related news (and you seriously have no idea just how related; wait for it), BK was spotted kissing her adopted brother, Nick Gordon. What’s that? You didn’t know that Whitney had an “adopted” son? Well she did. Kind of. From Hollywood Life: exclusively broke the shocking news that Whitney Houston‘s daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, was lip kissing her “adopted” 22-year-old brother, Nicholas Gordon in Georgia March 9, which led to a revelation that the pair are deeply involved in a romantic relationship and have been for several months. However, family therapist Dr. Phil Dembo tells us this dynamic between the two — who have grown up in the same house for the past 10 years — is not acceptable, even if it is understandable.

Back it up. Now take it to Target, yesterday:

Eyewitnesses reportedly saw the two putting on a public display of affection while out shopping at Target in the community of John’s Creek yesterday. According to HollywoodLife, Bobbi and Nicholas Gordy [sic] did not try to hide the fact that they are romantically involved.

“Bobbi and Nick were in the music section and then all over the store,” a source told the website.
“Bobbi was kissing him on the mouth and holding hands. They were laughing and smiling and seemed SO happy. She was wearing a black short pencil bandage skirt with a black top and black knee high boots. Her hair and makeup were all done too, like she was going to go out on the town. He was in all black — black jeans, black shirt, earrings and a black wide-brimmed hat.”

And then Dr. Phil continues:

“Bobbi Kristina dating her ‘adopted’ brother may seem very unhealthy and it is,” he explains. “Whether Nicholas is a biological brother, a step brother, a legally adopted brother, or someone being raised as her brother, there are boundaries necessary for healthy development and growth of each of these young people. It certainly has the feel of an incestuous dynamic.”

Whitney welcomed Nick into her home when he was a pre-teen and raised him as her own son, even though she never officially adopted him. Bobbi Kristina and Nick became so close, they even referred to each other as “brother” and “sister.” However, in recent months the couple even tweeted about sleeping with each other and waking up early to one another — stuff that shocked us, but Dr. Dembo says is understandable, given the situation.

So hold up a second. … I’m floored. There’s two Dr. Phils?

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  • When Whitney and Co. used to live in Atlanta Bobbi Kristina used to go by Krissie (or Krissy, one of the two), so it’s really not that much of a surprise for me to think that she’d want to change it. Just an’s Johns Creek, sans apostrophe. Not trying to be a nitpicky bitch, if you’re not from the area it’s a common mistake :)

  • Normally I’m very pro-rock what your genotype gave you. But in the case of Bobby “The Nose” Kristina…I’d say priority #1 is to drop the “Bobby”. Any separation from her father’s reputation is the best in the long run. In addition to this #2 would entail getting rid of his nose. This is an instance where I’m all about a doc sculpting her a work of art she can step out into the world with as the new girl she wants to be.

  • She needs braces and to go live with a “normal” family for awhile. She is a seriously screwed up kid.