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And This is What Mila Kunis Has to Say About All of the Nudity

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You wanna know who’s charming? Mila Kunis. No, really – she is. She did a sit-down for Harper’s Bazaar‘s April issue (where has this year gone already, seriously), where she talked about all of the starlets and their leaked photos, how she’s totally OK with her “weight gain,” and how she just adored being in a long-term relationship with the prisoner of war Macaulay Culkin (it was “fantastic”).

How she prevents nude scandals: “Well, I don’t send naked photos.” Then she laughs. “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.” Mila emerged from Hackergate unscathed, unlike fellow actress Scarlett Johansson, who was allegedly a victim of the same culprit. “The sad thing is, she shouldn’t even have to explain who it’s for,” Mila says.

On Mac: Her last serious boyfriend was Macaulay Culkin, whom she dated for eight years, until 2010. “It was fantastic,” she says. “I mean, I honestly think being single’s great. Being in a relationship’s great. It’s all about the timing. I loved it.”

What she does in off-time: “I don’t go out very often. I prefer to stay home and have a nice little beverage and watch television.” She cooks too. “I can make anything out of leftovers. I want to be a judge on Top Chef.” She works out with a trainer three times a week, mostly because that enables her to keep eating and drinking. “My glass of wine and I are besties.”

Gaining weight, post Black Swan: After her drastic weight loss for Black Swan (20 pounds off her already lean frame), Mila notes that her body “has never been the same. My shape is different. When I got down to 95 pounds, I was muscles, like a little brick house, but skin and bones. When I gained it back, it went to completely different areas.” Like the rear? “No, I’d be happy if my ass got bigger. All the weight that left my chest went to my side hip, my stomach.” She’s wary of another role that would require a body transformation. “I’m not going to say I’d look forward to it, but if an offer came along, I’d do it.”

On dating: I don’t get asked out. This past year, I haven’t been home, so who’s going to ask me?”

On plastic surgery and enhancements: “I will not put a needle in my body unless I have a medical reason,” she says, “but ask me in 10 years. Right now, I’m like, ‘I’m going to embrace it,’ but … I’m probably going to want to have something done. I have no doubt.”

On first impressions: “People have interpretations of what you’re supposed to be like,” she says. “If you’re unattractive and overweight, you must have a great personality. If you’re attractive, then you must not be the nicest person. People are always taken aback that I’m easygoing but not necessarily stupid.”

Check out Harper’s for even more Mila coverage.

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  • If her relationship with culkin was so great why did they breakup and why does he look like he’s dying now. Me thinks Mila skips the truth too much. Media needs to stop selling her and put her on the carpet about all her secret. Her and Culkins relationship must have been pretty dysfunctional. I heard she was on coke. It looks like he’s on drugs too. She talks like such an innocent but she’s been in movie businees since she was 9 how innocent can she be??? Someone needs to get the real story on her. She has lots of secret.