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Classy J Woww Compiled a “Presidents I’d Like to F-ck” List

photo of j woww presidents to fuck pictures photos pics
Why? Oh I don’t know. Probably because this is what J Woww considers “deep thinking,” because anytime she hears the words “deep,” she automatically associates them with “deep-throating” and deep as in “knee-deep in crusty vadge.”

In light of President’s Day today (which pissed me off, because my bank was closed, therefore a check I deposited on Saturday did not clear because of it), J wrote up her very own “President I’d Like to F-ck” list. Here they are in no particular order (I guess):

Ulysses S. Grant
Abraham Lincoln
Bill Clinton
George Washington
George W. Bush
Ronald Reagan
Barack Obama
John F. Kennedy

Ulysses S. Grant? Does she even know who he is? Because this is what he looked like in his heyday:

photo of ulysses s grant young pictures photos pics
Does she even know what she’s getting into there? And then, of course, you’ve got George Washington, which I suppose would be “hot” if you were into dudes that looked like your grandmother:

photo of george washington pics
Nope. Don’t get that one at all. Sorry, George.

I can understand (though I don’t agree with) Bill Clinton; there’s John F. Kennedy and Ronald Regan and Barack Obama who are definitely traditionally good looking, and I can even see George W – he seems like he’d be a decent lay – but the rest? Abraham Lincoln? Ulysses? Washington? I don’t know what I’m more repulsed by – that she chose these particular men, or the thought of her boning them.

In light of the holiday, who are Presidents that you’d f-ck? Would Ulysses S. Grant and George Washington appear on your list, too?

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