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And Now, the Trailer for ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’

I’ve got to hand it to Andrew Garfield. I wasn’t sure about him at first, you know? Sure, he’s a great actor. But he’s so skinny! So young-looking! He is hardly ideal for action-heroics.

And yet! It turns out he makes a heck of a Peter Parker in this, The Amazing Spider-Man trailer, and my word, he cuts a striking figure in that skin-tight red suit. (What’s that? Baby-faced Andrew Garfield is actually 28 years old, you say? Oh, thank God.)

Embedded above is the movie’s first 3D trailer. Of course it isn’t actually in 3D, not for plebes like us, but Screen Rant promises that the movie, shot in “true 3D,” will deliver.

How darling is Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy, you guys? And I hardly recognized Rhys Ifans as Dr. Curt Connors. It stings that the role is no longer filled by Dylan Baker, but Ifans strikes the right chord between “empathetic” and “potentially insidious,” right? Phew.

Are you guys getting excited or what?

The movie hits U.S. theaters July 3.

Photo: Andrew Garfield stars in Amazing Spider-Man as Peter Parker

(Images via The Hollywood Reporter.)

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  • Am I the only one that finds this disappointing? Crappy CG and a freaking dinosaur as the villain? Ummm… No…

  • Yeah, the CG wasn’t great at this point but they have time to fix that. I will be seeing this movie even against my DC fangirl nature, merely because I love Emma Stone.