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Why Are All of These Super Bowl Ads Being Released Early?

Honestly, isn’t that the whole point of the commercials airing during the Super Bowl? Because people get excited about them, and the sponsors pay a shit ton of money to have them aired during prime time football? Why bother even watching the Super Bowl for the commercials if you could just head to You Tube, type in ‘Super Bowl commercials 2012’ and get a free pass to see them days early? No one’s getting paid for that, you know, and because I see Elton John here stumping for Pepsi instead of seeing it during the football game, I’m much less likely to run out and buy a case of Pepsi. It’s why these commercials ad during the Bowl: everyone gets caught up in the moment and buys soda products and Hondas and underwear. It’s how it works.

Anyway, here’s yet another “leaked” Super Bowl ad. It features Elton John as, I don’t know, a miserable king that hoards all of the Pepsi for talented performers, and when this year’s X-Factor winner, Melanie Amaro, belts out Aretha Franklin’s ‘Respect’, the roles reverse, she hits a lever, Elton John goes through the floor and into the dungeon, and she commands Pepsi for everyone.

The best part of the video? When Sir Elton himself is discharged through the suck-chute and ends up sharing quarters with Flava Flav. That’s probably the only redeeming factor of this whole commercial, boooyyyyeeee.

Am I the only one who kind of feels like Santa Claus isn’t real all over again with these early Super Bowl ads?

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  • I’m super excited they released the new Hunger Games trailer early, even though it was meant to be first aired during the Super Bowl (which we don’t to watch in Europe). I can’t wait for the film.