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Watch This: The 7500 Trailer, or, You Know, “Ghosts on a Plane”

At any rate, it looks loads better than Snakes on a Plane. F-cking snakes on a plane. That gets me every time, and I’ve never even seen the g-ddamn movie.

But seriously, this movie? I watched the preview a few minutes ago, my old farmhouse all quiet with the exception of the forced air heat whistling through the floor vents. My husband, at work. We live out in the country, where mass-murderers like Leatherface show up. I sat with my back to the doorway that leads to my creepy upstairs (do you have a creepy second floor? I sure do), and when I heard the other-worldly singing mingled with the broken radio transmissions and occasional muted screams, I couldn’t help but keep looking over my shoulder. At that doorway. Again and again. I mean, this movie looks damn scary, and right now, I am afraid. The movie may be cheesy, what with people being dragged into the overhead compartment storage and what not, but I can pretend to have not seen that and just fixate on the ethereal voice singing ‘Leaving on a Jet Plane’. And that in itself will probably prompt me to see this movie.

IMDB claims that the film centers around “… passengers aboard a flight across the Pacific Ocean [who] encounter a supernatural force.” The flick is comprised of stars like Jamie Chung, Amy Smart, Ryan Kwanten, and Johnathon Schaech, who I can only remember as the douche bag in That Thing You Do. And who knows, maybe I’ll go and watch That Thing You Do right now because for one, yes, I own it; and two, that catchy little song is way better to have in your head than the haunting rendition of ‘Leaving on a Jet Plane’ that I’ll probably never forget again in my life.

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