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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Isn’t a Hipster, Dammit

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I almost forgot! Remember the other day when Joseph performed ‘Let It Be’? He also did something else: he alienated all of the hipster-loving girls that adore tight, designer pants and who claim to be “artists.” Check out the video, you’ll see what I mean, but beware: some of the language is NSFW, and coming from Joseph Gordon-Levitt, it’s doubly worse. It’s like kicking a kitten stuffed with puppies wrapped in Anne Geddes baby wrapping paper. Check it:

OMG. Joseph Gordon-Levitt just said “fuck.” I could die. Here’s the transcript to the clip if you were unable to listen, but try to read his words as he’s saying them (mute your speakers, yo), and watch the gestures that go along with them:

“A hipster to me is, uh, someone who kinda dressed up like they’re an artist, but they don’t actually make anything. All the people calling me a hipster can go f-ck themselves, ’cause I make this all the g-ddamn time. People are like, ‘You wear skinny jeans’ and well, I don’t … these are 501s, man. And they’re fucking straight.”

Um. Preach it, brother?

So. Is Joseph Gordon-Levitt a hipster? I think it’s kind of like that “how many licks does it take to get to the center of the Tootsie pop” question. It’s really all relative. Maybe I should lick him a few times to see if the answer just magically comes to me because really. It’s all based on perception, and I’m just not quite sure yet.