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Oh Wow: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Finally Did Something I Hate

I suppose it was just a matter of time, being the hard-to-please bitch that I am.

This is JGL, obviously, performing the legendary Beatles song, ‘Hey Jude’, at the Sundance Film Festival. It happened just last night. And it apparently wasn’t an accident, either. Good old Joseph filmed a YouTube video back in December (a really, really excited YouTube video) stating that he’d be there, and how much it meant to him to have the invitation extended. Check it out:

So, OK. He’s a happy little guy. He’s enthusiastic and optimistic and those are two traits that I generally like in a person. There’s nothing worse than someone famous who tries to pretend that they’re not famous when you just know that they get their rocks off on knowing how famous they actually are, and I don’t think JGL is like that. At least I hope not, otherwise I’m becoming a really shitty judge of character.

The performance wasn’t horrible, and I shouldn’t judge too hard, because it really wasn’t all that bad. Honestly. I’m just glad he didn’t go for the “Hey Jude-y, Jude-y, Jude-y, Jude-y, Jude-y, WHAAAAA” because that would have been just … even more bad. And there’s not a whole lot of bad that I can take when it comes to Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I like boyfriend here a lot – I really think he’s just a doll – but contrived performances for the sake of contrived performances can easily waffle above that fine line between “endearing and hot weirdo” and “annoying and hot bad-hipster.”

Don’t cross it, brother.

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