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Matthew Broderick is Bringing Ferris Bueller to the Super Bowl

Well that’s kind of a cocktease, now, isn’t it? And speaking of random cockteases, did you know that there’s a female celebrity out there whose real last name is ‘Cockburn’? I mean, LOL! How funny is that! I actually just found that out today when I was looking for a picture to run with the morning link roundup. If you noticed the photo on that particular post, you’ll see that it’s of Olivia Wilde. Whose, yes, actual last name is ‘Cockburn’.

Now, there are so, so many ways I can make fun of that, and I’d like to – I’d really, really like to, in another place, and another time – but this slot today isn’t supposed to be about Olivia Wilde. It’s supposed to be about Matthew Broderick. And how he’s doing something Ferris Bueller-related for a Super Bowl commercial this year. I think it’s a pretty neat concept, considering it’s really the thing that made him famous and kept him famous after all these years (aside from marrying that miserable bitch Sarah Jessica Parker, of course), but I’m hoping it’s that he’s going to come out as a gay Ferris Bueller, because I’ll tell you: the movie was on just this past weekend and after watching it, there was absolutely no doubt in my mind how gay Matthew Broderick was. And oh, right. Is.