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Yep, Karlie Kloss is Still Pretty Skinny

photo of karlie kloss for oscar de la renta pictures photos pics
Remember Karlie Kloss? That super-skinny fashion model that had everyone going crazy because you could see Orion the Hunter even when she stood directly in front of you at night? She’s back! And she’s also still pretty skinny.

See, Karlie is the model that Vogue claimed was the “new body” of the fashion season a couple of months back, and after a crap-ton of people went nuts and said, “What? You tripping, boo?”, most of the ads featuring Karlie With the Koncave Body were pulled.

Needless to say, these new photos, which depict Karlie as the new face (I’m glad they stayed away from calling her the “new body” this time, to say the least) of Oscar de la Renta, and she’s actually looking not-so-unhealthy here. I don’t know if she’s put on a few pounds or if it’s Photoshop at its best, but these promo photos are much, much more suitable if you’re going to be telling young girls that *this* is what they should look like (not that I personally agree on either count, but it’s a hell of a lot better than what it was last time).

What do you guys think of Karlie – looking alright, or still setting a dangerous precedent for impressionable young girls and women?