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Quotables: Sorry, Friends – Sting is Not a Sex God

photo of trudie styler and sting pictures tantric sex pics
“Sting said that [about hours of tantric sex] 21 years ago. He has just turned 60, and I imagine [the tantric story] will carry on going until he drops. Do you know who I blame for that? Bob Geldof. Him and Sting had gone to do an interview with a rock journalist, and the interview turned into a drinking session. At one point, the journalist asked how long they could go for, and Geldof said he was a three-minute man, but, as Sting did yoga, he could probably go for hours. And Sting said ‘Well, haven’t you heard of tantric sex?’ So Sting explained that it is all about being intimate, about caring for your partner, really engaging in intimacy before you, you know … have sex. And that’s the premise of tantra, really. It’s simply engagement with your partner.”

And there you have it, folks. Sting is not the self-proclaimed sex god that he professed to be decades ago. It was a misspeak and a gradual series of events that made half of the world’s population want to ride atop Sting’s Tantric Golden Stinger. Sorry to burst your bubble, guys, but it’s just not true.

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  • Sorry to burst your missionary bubble as well, but tantric sex practices can absolutely last for hours, and is considered sex in the same way foreplay is considered sex. I know you dont have the most educated readers on this site, but thats no excuse for uneducated writers.

    • “Sorry to burst your bubble, guys, but it’s just not true.”

      Um, “it” was in reference to the rumors about Sting. Sting being the sex god that everyone thought he was for the past however-many decades. Or, to be completely crystal clear, “[Sting is not the sex god that everyone thought he was.] Sorry to burst your bubble, guys, but it’s just not true.”

      Funny that you’d insult your fellow readers when your reading of context clues apparently aren’t the greatest, either.

  • This is old news folks. Sting debunked that myth years ago in an interview. He never mentioned BG or the drinking bit, but he did say that the “four hours of sex” included lots and lots and lots of foreplay.