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Jim Carrey Has a New Lady-Friend

Photo: Jim Carrey visits 'Regis and Kelly' on June 16, 2011

You guys? Don’t tell Emma Stone, but the New York Post is pretty sure Jim Carrey is dating a lady. Jim has probably been dating her for a couple months, in fact.

The lady’s name is Anastasia Vitkina, she’s very pretty and blonde, and her first-ever tweet condemned an article about Jim Carrey. (So did her last-ever tweet, incidentally. Uh. She’s only tweeted twice ever.)

A little digging uncovers that Miss Vitkina attended the renowned Parsons School of Design. I don’t know if you know this, but Parsons is so prestigious, someone named an Ikea table after it. (Originally this was intended as a joke, but it is actually sort of true. Oh, well.)

What’s really weird is, in the hours since Page Six first posted the story about the new couple, the website has cropped Carrey’s new girlfriend out of the photo again. That’s right: she was once in the frame, and now she is not.

Honestly? This sort of thing always baffles me. DO PEOPLE WANT TO DATE OR DON’T THEY? You might have to go out in public with your rich boyfriend eventually, folks, and anyway, we are all living in a post-Facebook world. I mean, I myself am all for privacy, but seriously, now. Don’t act so embarrassed about having a boyfriend, you lucky lady, you.