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It’s OK, Adam Lambert Made Up with His Boyfriend!

A photo of Adam Lambert and Sauli

If you went to Finland with your boyfriend, went to a club, then got in a fight with him, would that be a deal breaker? What if in the middle of the fight (this is a physical fight, by the way, you’re not just talking about your emotions in loud voices) some friendly people nearby tried to break it up, and your boyfriend attacked them, too? Would you stick it out?

Well, Adam Lambert and his boyfriend, Sauli, would. They’d laugh the whole thing off over burgers! Seriously, that’s what happened. Here are some of Adam’s Tweets after the whole incident:

Jetlag + Vodka = blackout.

Us ÷ blackout = irrational confusion.

jail + guilt + press = lesson learned.

Sauli + Adam + hangover burgers = laughing bout it. :)

I don’t know, maybe I’m just an ol’ stick in the mud, but if I got arrested for fighting my boyfriend in a bar, I’d take some time to reconsider some things. I’ve never really understood the whole “went to jail, LOL” mindset, and I can’t even begin to understand how you could be “laughing bout” throwing punches at your boyfriend and a bunch of strangers.

Does anyone have any insight here? Because I want to like Adam, I really do, but he’s just making it very, very hard.

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  • I think it’s interesting that there seems to be a double-standard when it comes to same-sex couples beating the hell out of one another. I mean, if it were a man and a woman “blacking out” and fighting so ferociously in public that they were taken to separate police stations, people would be going NUTS, would the not? How is it any different? People are people and relationships are relationships no matter the gender, and violence is nothing to joke about regardless of your sexual preference. Man.

  • First of all, there were no punches thrown, no one got attacked, no charges filed. The Finnish police said the incident was over exaggered by the media (according to Finnish fans who’ve been translating tweets and reports since the two were arrested) One of their friends tried to step in between them and accidentally got hit (her words) but it wasn’t a punch. And apparently it’s a pretty common thing to get thrown in the drunk tank in Finland. They have jokes and songs about. lol If you’ve never had a loud obnoxious fight in a bar with you BF/GF then good for you but as someone who has, being able to see the stupidity, work it out and laugh about it the next day just makes you stronger. It seems these two have a very strong relationship and can work it out.

  • Good point, though, Sarah. I’ve always liked Adam Lambert, I guess… He always struck me as basically decent. But it does seem, from what’s been out there, that maybe he doesn’t handle booze that well. But then neither do I, so there’s no judgment there on my part.

  • But then I have to take this further… There have been possibly two “drunken” Adam Lambert sightings and that doesn’t qualify as problem drinking… so very sorry, Adam, for insinuating anything…I’m glad you and your bf can get over this… me and my bf do all the time… human nature can get fierce sometimes… and we are so judged for being passionate, in a way that other cultures don’t seem to judge….

    Love Nicole.